The Different camps of the Holocaust, By Marquese Gaten

There were many different camps open during the Holocaust , going to talk about the most heard of camps and their deaths, punishment and facts. Most of the camps were opened between 1933 to 1945 .There were about twenty thousand camps, and most of them had different names such as Dachau and Buchenwald. The types of people sent to these camps were homosexuals, Jews, Social Democrats and Communists.

What happens in these camps ?

The most heard of camp , Auschwitz-Birkenau.Auschwitz was set up around the 1940’s in South Central Poland. Around 1.1 million people died in only four years of working at the camp. In many camps, it was common for Nazis to do experiments on people. At Auschwitz a famous doctor named Josef Mengele would perform experiments on twins that usually died immediately, along with comparative autopsies. The women were treated horribly too, because if the women didn't do “ light work,” which is another word for prostitution, were sent to the gas chamber or even worse, sudden death.Above the door of the gas chamber had the Star of David on a purple curtain that meant “ This is the gateway to God. Righteous men will pass through."
The next camp was called Treblinka, which is mainly known as an extermination camp. This camp was opened July 1942 and closed October 1943. Treblinka was hidden in a forest in Northeastern Poland.When a person would first arrived to the camp they would either be beaten or shot . The camp was so brutal, the Nazis destroyed several of the camp’s evidence and only a few survivors would tell their stories. 800,000 Jews died at this camp and all together about 850,000 people died . The Nazis would place their victims in massive graves with about one thousand other people. If you were a child worker and got hurt working you would be sent to a place called “ Field Hospital “ where the Nazis would shoot the child in the neck . Sometimes when the workers would be doing their jobs, they would see parts of burnt dead infants in the fire pits.
Another famous camp was called Dachau. Dachau was a camp in function around March ,1933. This camp was located near a factory where Jews had to work. Dachau was the first camp for political prisoners as well . Around 1937, the camp needed more workers for focus labor , so the camp shipped ten thousand Jewish men. In just one year there were 4,800 social democrat prisoners. This camp also experimented on people and about one thousand died from them.
Buchenwald was one of the largest concentration camps in Germany, and the last to be mentioned. The camp was made in 1937 in Ettersberg Germany. They first opened for male prisoners in July 1937, and there were no women until 1944. The secret service guards did shooting and hangings often and most of the prisoners were political people. There were some Jews but not many around that time . Only about six hundred died between November 1938 and February 1939 . In 1941 medical experiments became very popular, about 1,000 of deaths took place in just experiments on homosexuals to try and “ cure “ them. In World War Two many prisoners were forced into labor .Around that same time, the camp prisoners grew to about 110,000 by the end of 1945. If the prisoners acted up they had to bend over a whipping block and get twenty five lashes by the whip. If they fell out of consciousness, the SS guards would throw cold water on them and give them twenty five more lashes. Another way to beat them was to hang them from a hook, and if they didn't die, they would beat them with clubs.