Balclutha Primary School - T1 Wk 4

Newsletter 25 February 2022

Principal's Report

Kia Ora e te whānau and welcome to Week 4.

This morning New Zealand has moved into phase 3 of the red setting. This signals that COVID is now well established in our community and we need to work to ensure that we protect the most vulnerable members of our community.

These changes will impact on how we, as a school, manage any cases in our school community and how we determine close and casual contacts. We are waiting for more clarification from the Ministry of Education on exactly what this will look like but, in the meantime, we ask that all parents continue to monitor their children for any signs of illness and keep them at home if they are unwell.

At school we will continue with our increased hygiene procedures, mask wearing and limiting the mixing of class groups when possible. We will notify our school community if we have a case at school. Thank you very much for your support as we work through these challenging and uncertain times.

Ngā mihi nui,

Vicki Neave.

"Hearing You" Counsellor in Schools

Sue, our Counsellor, was at school yesterday and was able to touch base with a number of students. This is a wonderful service and provides an opportunity for children to have a chat about things that are worrying them. If you would like your child to have an opportunity to talk to Sue, please complete this form, or call in at the office for a paper referral form.

Working Bee

After a number of delays, we would really like to get moving on our playground resurfacing. To speed up the project and save the school quite a bit of money, we would like to have a couple of working bees to dig out the dirt under the actual equipment. If you can help out at any stage over the next couple of weekends, please contract the school office.

Welcome to Bronson who started school this week in Room 1

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Whānau and School Update

Whanau and School Update

Just a reminder that all order forms and payments need to be in to the office by Monday 28th February.

Please note: it would be great if all orders just come in one payment via our Whanau and School bank account and under your name as on the order form. Any questions please just let me know via email or Sara on 02102372282.

Keep safe :-)

Sara Sutherland and Carleigh Frisby

Whanau and School Co-Presidents

Toys at School

We do not encourage students to bring their toys to school. We cannot take any responsiblity for the toys safe keeping while at school, so it is best for them to be left at home.

Please check you have the correct school office phone number

We have had our phone system upgraded in the school holidays. Please ensure you have the school's correct phone number stored on your phone - it is (03) 4190103.

(Note: some callers may have an old landline of ours stored on your cellphone. Please check that you have the correct number as we only have access to calls and messages made to the above number.)

Sports News


What a great start to touch yesterday. I was lucky to be able to watch some of our teams play.

Draw for 3rd March

BPS Stars v Waiwera Clinton Gold, 5:15 ground 10

BPS Racers v Lawrence blue, 4:30 ground 5

BPS Superstars v Valley Avengers, 4:30 ground 10

BPS Lions v Stirling Saints, 3:45 ground 5

BPS Teenies v Warepa/St Jo’s, 3:45 ground 10


Hockey starts Monday 28th February, teams and coaches have been emailed.

The draw is as follows:

4.00pm, court 5 BPS Orange v Romahapa Blue

4.30pm, court 4 BPS/Waiwera South v Warepa/CV 2

Walk 'n' Wheel week

Walk 'n' Wheel to school week is coming up from Monday 7th until Friday 11th March.

Help us support this fantastic event by supporting your child/children to walk or wheel, even if it's only once during the week.

Move it Monday - Move it your way! Start the week on the right foot and decide to take active travel to school today, whether you walk or wheel.

Choose it Tuesday - Choose a different way to move to school today! Walk, wheel, hop, skip, or jump! Have some fun as you travel along to school.

Wacky Wednesday - Walk n' Wheel Day. Dress up in something bright; bright shoes, bright socks, bright hair, bright clothes! Be seen by the cars on the street!

Thoughtful Thursday -Think about your carbon footprint and the difference you can make from walking or wheeling. How many eco cars can you spot today?

Foot it Friday - Put your best foot forward and decorate your shoes (add a bow, pipe cleaners, pom poms, tassels, or wool, go crazy and use your imagination!)

We would love to celebrate any outside of school sports achievements, please email if you have anything to share.

Tania Arthur

Balclutha Primary School

Sports Co-ordinator

Room 1

Room 1 has been learning about the letter P this week. We have made pigs from the capital letter P. We painted our letters and drew our own ears and nose.
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Room 2

Another busy week in Room 2 where everyone has done a great job beginning the Structured Literacy lessons. It has been a huge week of learning for teachers and teacher aides as well, and all the Room 2 students have been awesome helping us learn alongside them. We have started looking at addition in maths, and Jonty and Frieda are shown working hard, joining two sets of counters to work out the totals. Our Athletics practice this week was relay running, which has been a great opportunity for practising team work as well as running.

Room 3

Room 5’s high jump practice for athletics

Room 6 - Team building activity!

Room 12 have been learning about statistics in maths. We went to the bridge on Thursday to count cars and the colours. We had a blast! We were surprised with how many cars went over the bridge in 20 minutes!

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Room 11

Students in Room 11 learnt a new game this week - poi rakau - a game to test agility, reflexes and listening skills. Players have to move either to the left or right, leaving their stick behind to catch the
next stick before it hits the ground. It was especially tricky using very short sticks! We are on the hunt for longer ones.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to...

Tayla-Rose Knight

Ryan Knight

Bronson Stoop

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Bank Accounts

  • School Saveloys, sport fees and all camp fundraising and donations - 02 0900 0000 452 00
  • Whānau and School, fundraising, school uniforms (2nd hand and new) -
  • 03 1734 0006449 00