Safety online

How you stay safe online ?

Strong passwords

Strong passwords are good idea to keep you safe on websites online because people try and log in as you on websites. For example a good password is more than 6 letters and got some numbers in the password.But don't have your name as a password because people can guess your name.


For your bluetooth on your phone you need to have a strong password .Otherwise ,because people can look at your pictures,texts,video and everything else on your phone. For your password don't have your name or a pets name because if people know who you are they can use your bluetooth.

Online shopping

If you are shopping online and about to buy something ; you want the item to be genuine.for example if you buy something from Ebay or Amazon the web address will be "https..." . The "s" means that is it secure and you will get the item.

Online banking

When you use online banking make sure that your password is as strong as possible.and don't tell any one yor password.