Andrew Jackson the ZERO!

Andrew Jackson a Hero?

Indian Removal Act

After ignoring the supreme court's decision to leave the civilized Cherokee Indians alone, Jackson called for the removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia. He saw the Cherokee land in Georgia as a chance to keep the United States growing. Jackson viewed the Indians as savages that just got in the way of the progression, which was not true. The Cherokee Indians were completely civilized human beings. They had their own language, a constitution, and a way of life that has carried through the tribe for many generations. Because Jackson greatly over-powered them, the Cherokee Indians were forced to be re-located to Oklahoma.

"Trail of Tears"

During this event caused by President Jackson, thousands of innocent human beings died. The trail of tears was a route that the Cherokee Indians took from Georgia to Oklahoma. What was expected to be a simple relocation, turned into a long journey of sadness and suffering for the Cherokee Indians. Jackson had promised a comfortable travel that included, food provided (for a year), furnished wagons, and steamboats, and a physician with medicines to accompany the travelers. However, Jackson failed to keep these promises and as a result, thousands died and suffered.

"Spoils System"

After Andrew Jackson won the election in 1828, he was very involved with the "Spoils System". The Spoil System is a system in which a politician rewards his supporters with a government job. This was not fair for others out there with more experience than the people who got chosen. Jackson selected his unqualified supporters to work along side him (in his cabinet) so that everyone would agree with his decisions, even if they were unconstitutional.

Political Cartoon: "King Andrew"

This political cartoon shows President Jackson as a king. The author of this political cartoon chose to represent Jackson as a king because he had overused his powers as president, just like a king would do. The author also includes that Jackson appears to be stepping on a ripped constitution, showing that Jackson ignored it and doesn't care to listen or follow it. Lastly, in "King Andrew"'s hand there is a sword that reads "veto", showing that he is the only president ever to overuse his power to veto.
Indian Removal Act 1830 Andrew Jackson

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