Outdoor Lasertag Picnic Party for the tech community

We need YOU to signup for .comWars3!


A high-end outdoor lasertag picnic party for the tech community, dotcomwars is a battle for supremacy of silicon valley! We'll form 8 teams of up to 8 players each, playing 12 minute outdoor lasertag games of domination. Games take place in gorgeous 6 acre wooded hilltop park overlooking SFO in San Bruno.

Lasertag is a team sport that is easy to learn and loads of fun to play. No experience is necessary. You can register alone or with your group.


Monday, Sep. 3rd 2012 at 12:15pm

1801 Crystal Springs Rd

San Bruno, CA

.comWars takes place in a beautiful and huge eucalyptus hill top in a San Bruno park overlooking SFO. It's about 25 minutes from downtown San Francisco, about 40 minutes from Palo Alto, and about a 10 minute ride from SFO.

Carpooling will be available from the San Bruno Bart station and San Bruno Caltrain Stations.

The Experience

In .comWars3, everyone will experience a 10 minute training course, followed by five 12 minute games of domination throughout the afternoon. The objective is for your team to score the most time by controlling 3 different domination nodes spread over the field. The terrain is very large- over 6 acres of a wooded hilltop. You’re going to have your opponents shooting at you as you attempt to take their team's node away from them. You’re going to hear your teammates scream for help over your radio headset. By the end of this party you’ll be exhausted and exhilarated. It will be the most fun you’ve had in a long time! No lasertag experience necessary. .comWars is a lasertag picnic party for anyone who lives and loves technology.

We are SFLasertag

Sflasertag is an event producer and party organizer, hosting themed lasertag picnic parties in the San Francisco Bay Area.