The Wave

Coronado Middle School April 14-17, 2020

April’s Key of Excellence: Flexibility:

Be willing to do things differently. Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change what you’re doing to achieve your goal.

This week's mindset quote: "We must either find a way or make one."

Congratulations to Melissa Miller, CMS Teacher of the Year

Thank you, Melissa, for seeing the gifts and talents of your students and always recognizing that each student develops, grows, and learns at their own pace. We're excited to honor you for your unwavering commitment to students, your outstanding and dynamic teaching and your ability to champion every student for their efforts and successes. Congratulations, Melissa! We love you! Melissa Miller - CMS Teacher of the Year

Paraprofessional Appreciation Day: Happy (belated) Paraprofessional Appreciation Day!. What would we do without our amazing Triton paraprofessionals? Thank you to Nancy, Eddie, Barb, Kevin, Kim, Tina, Shante, James, and Paula for everything they do for CMS staff, students, and families!

National Assistant Principal Week: A huge (belated) shout out to Brooke!! We're so grateful for everything you do to support the students, staff and families of CMS. We love you!

Big shout out to Ryan as he steps in to support our students and staff! Thank you for your awesome initiative and positive attitude.

Messages from Karin

This Week:

April 13: Holiday No School

April 14: 6th Grade Wheel Class Rotation

2:30 pm-3:30 pm Link: Karin Office Hours Tuesday 4/14/20

April 15: 8:30 am - 10:00 am Link: Karin Office Hours Tuesday 4/15/20

Staff Meeting 2:00-2:20 pm/Department 2:30-3:15 pm. Complete a Virtual Shout Outs! before the meeting

April 16

April 17 Purple Up Day! Wear Purple and send a photo to Kevin and Paulina.

1:45 pm -3:00 pm Link: Karin Office Hours Tuesday 4/17/20

Electives Applications Due at 3 pm

Congratulations on completing week one of Distance Learning. Your commitment to students, to collaboration, to helping, and to connecting is so admirable. I could not be more proud to be your principal through this new adventure. As we gear up for week two, remember to be patient with yourself and take pride and be confident in the work you're doing. Continue to lean on each other and know that I'm here to support you every step of the way!

Wednesday Staff Meeting at 2:00 pm: We'll have a brief (20-minute) staff meeting for some announcements and you'll then meet in departments. Staff Meeting Link 4-15-20

Classified Staff: Ben and Donnie are working regularly; Dollyanne, Lamarshell, Amanda, and Nicola have rotating on-site schedules; Instructional Aides: Alison will be reaching out to provide you with duties information. If you need a technology device, please let me know. Thank you for your patience as we evolve in our roles together!

April is the Month of the Military Child: Thank you to everyone who created a video for Mindy Hayes, our Military Liaison, to share with the military community. This Friday will be Purple Up Day. Please send a photo to both Paulina and Kevin.

Being on Campus: It's critical that you follow safety and security protocols if you visit the site and any shared spaces (workroom, office, staff lounge). Please use wipes and sanitizer and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. Please be sure that all doors are CLOSED and LOCKED.


Staff Meeting Agenda 4.8.20

The Wave April 6-10, 2020

CMS TRITON NEWS April 14-17, 2020


Running Updates Doc check throughout the week.

Teaching and Learning

This week I’ll be focusing on 8th grade classes: 8th grade teachers, please let me know if there is a meeting, office hour, discussion board or activity you’d like me to attend.

STUDENT WORK EXPECTATIONS: As we move into week two, students are expected to fully engage in the lessons, assignments, and experiences teachers have prepared and provided. Students should participate in teacher 'office hours' if they have any questions or concerns. (per Superintendent and posted in parent news)

STUDENT GRADES and ASSESSMENT: All CUSD Staff is currently collecting data and engaged in discussions to determine how we, as a district, will assess student achievement during Distance Learning. The two most adopted models, issuing pass/no pass semester marks or traditional letter grading, have advantages and disadvantages. We do not believe that our elementary and secondary schools have to be aligned in grading practice. Our guiding principles of equity, access, and fairness for each child are non-negotiable. This decision will be made on what is best for all of the students we serve in Coronado Unified. The District and CMS anticipate releasing our grading policy by April 27th. ((per Superintendent and posted in parent news)

The information above was posted in the Triton News, therefore, you may use it in your messaging to students and parents.
  • Please continue to track assignment completion based on T (turned in) and NT (not turned in).
  • Later this week I will provide you with a spreadsheet to track student participation. Next week, please reach out, by email, to encourage students who are not engaging in learning activities.
  • As we continue to track students weekly, our outreach team will contact those students and parents who have not been working on assignments.

Professional Learning Opportunities:

SDCOE archived many Innovative Digital Learning Zoom webinars in the past two week:

Share your distance learning best practices at this link Distance Learning Best Practices

Week 1 of Distance Learning Shareouts

"It went awesome! I had about 15 student stop by for my Zoom office hours, some students stopped by multiple times to ask follow up questions. I also was so impressed with how great the discussion board worked with my students. Overall it has been a super enjoyable experience!" - Matt Smith

So I am noticing something I didn't expect. Some of my kids that never turn in work in the regular school setting are the very first to turn in their work now in this setting. I even had a student who couldn't figure something out and he and his dad Zoom met with me to troubleshoot on the very first day. And the work that they are turning in is their best effort. I don't know if it is the removal of distraction of others or what, but it is really cool to see. If I told you their names you would be impressed and proud of them!

Silver lining - we may be getting an unusual opportunity to reach the kids who don't succeed in a standard classroom setting This could be a really amazing experience for those students" -Ramona Loiselle

"I wanted to give you an update on my experience with Distance Learning so far. Today is Day 2 and I led my first two Zoom meetings, one for Math 8 and another for IM1H. Both meetings were AWESOME! It was great to connect again with the kids, see their faces, catch-up and spend an hour doing math together. I would highly encourage any teachers feeling reluctant about Zoom to give it a try. I really enjoyed seeing my kids again. Every student I talked today is healthy and safe and doing well." Elizabeth Wertz

"It has been great to reconnect with the kids. I'm excited to see some of the kids online! So far, the structure of DL has been working." Laura Noonan

Karin's Office Hours and Meetings


  • I’d like to attend one of your team planning /discussion meetings every week, therefore I'd like you to add me to your meeting invites. Some meetings may overlap for me, but I’ll do my best to stop by.
  • I’m always available to meet individually, as well. Please email Dollyanne and me to set up a meeting.

Tues., April 14: 2:30 pm-3:30 pm Link: Karin Office Hours Tuesday 4/14/20

Meeting ID: 775 8935 9687

Password: 020583

Wed. April 15: 8:30 am - 10:00 am Link: Karin Office Hours Tuesday 4/15/20

Meeting ID: 775 8918 9512
Password: 026618

Friday, April 17: 1:45 pm -3:00 pm Link: Karin Office Hours Tuesday 4/17/20

Meeting ID: 788 5309 1145
Password: 025655

Messages from Ryan

CAASPP: Statewide testing has been cancelled for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year.

Referrals: Please use this link for any disciplinary referrals you need to send to Ryan and Karin. I will review them at the end of each school day and work with Karin on responding. If there is a more urgent or time-sensitive manner, please text or email me.

Agenda: It’s time to begin preparing our student agenda handbook for the 2020/2021 school year. Please send me any suggested changes, deletions, or additions by the end of April. If you don’t have your agenda at home with you, here is a copy of the current handbook.

AP Office Hours: Feel free to stop by to share needs, ask questions, or just to say hello.

→ Tuesday 8 am - 9 am: link to Zoom meeting

→ Thursday 2 pm - 3 pm: link to Zoom meeting


Contact Information: I have decided not to try to hold set office hours. If you need me, please text, call or email. I am here for you and so impressed with all that everyone accomplished during Week 1!

IA Zoom Support During Office Hours: At our staff meeting on Wednesday, we discussed the possibility of IAs joining you during your Zoom office hours. Please add your name to the document I created if you are interested. I will do my best to have an IA that has worked in your class this year join you. Additionally, if you put your name on the list, I will contact you and connect you with the person.

IA Support During Zoom Office Hours

Counseling Corner

The Key of Excellence for April is Flexibility - Be willing to do things differently. Recognize what’s not working and be willing to change what you’re doing to achieve your goal.

6th grade wheel rotation classes will begin this Tuesday the 14th. Students who were in performing arts will move to coding; students who were in coding will move to digital media; students who were in digital media will move to art; students who were in art will move to performing arts. If you do not see your new rosters in synergy by Wednesday, please let me know.

Weekly counseling lessons and resources for students will be posted on our PowerSchool page but also in the Wave for your reference. This week’s lesson celebrates Month of the Military Child! You can find the lesson here.

Participate in the virtual “PURPLE UP!” spirit day on Friday by wearing something purple and emailing us a picture. Purple Up! For Military Kids is a day for communities to wear purple to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices.

Application electives information is posted on the Counseling PowerSchool page. Applications are due by 3pm on April 17th.

8th grade registration appointments have been rescheduled to May 4th – May 22nd. The appointments will be held via Zoom and parents will be able to sign up for a date and time through Calendly. We will send out the Calendly link in the parent newsletter soon.

Check out our Teacher’s Thrival Manual for some encouraging words and resources!

Messages from Kevin and ASB

Hello Triton Staff. I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe. This week the ASB officers met and discussed new ways we can continue to develop the connections we’ve made with our Tritons.

The officers are developing a new video celebrating the Month of the Military Child with our Purple Up day! We would love to encourage all of you to send us a photo of you dressed up in purple so we can complete a video collage. Please email photos to on April 14th.

We look forward to developing new ways to connect with our Triton Family

Tech Update

The link that will answer many of your questions!

ZOOM: Safety tips::

  • Have a password for every Zoom session.
  • Use meeting settings to prohibit screen-sharing by anyone other than the instructor hosting the meeting.
  • Turn off video for participants upon entry.
  • Lock the meeting right after it starts to ensure that only authorized participants are in and remain in.

Messages from Laurie - iLab

Hello CMS! I'm here and available to you as needed. I have created this sign up sheet in Google Drive for you to request my support. I know you are all rockstars and doing an amazing job already, but please know I’m here to help! Please allow a 48 hour turnaround on support requests.

Remember You Are Not Alone Virtual Hugs to you all!

Messages from Megan - Library

Hello Everyone! As we move into distance learning, it becomes clear that the challenges differ greatly from face to face instruction. One of the most overwhelming aspects is understanding that everyone’s situation is different, and that we may not always have the tools needed to address each situation. In this, collaboration is key.

I’m here to support you in this journey. Feel free to contact me about your challenges and needs, I would love to liaison outside sources for your teaching needs.

Triton Shout Outs

Kristina Byrd - for her immeasurable help navigating DL planning THANK YOU! - Laura

Kevin Ramirez for helping me with my video editing! you saved me! -Linda

Karin Mellina - for her incredible leadership! - Ramona Loiselle

Kevin Ramirez - for that awesome teacher video! - Ramona Loiselle

Haley Leverton - for the 8th grade English Distance Learning curriculum and the great idea about teacher pet ambassadors! - Ramona Loiselle

Amy Amerling - for being such an awesome team mate! - Ramona Loiselle

Allyson Heyen - for all your hard work in preparing for Distance Learning! Thank you for your great ideas! - Ramona Loiselle

Kathy Cotten - for being a great team mate! - Ramona Loiselle

Brooke Barto - for being a great team mate! - Ramona Loiselle

Kelly Sailers - thank you for making this transition fairly seamless. Ananda

Kathy, Katey, Jennifer, Kristina, Kelly - our Marco Polo meetups keep me sane! Ananda

Brooke Barto - the book has helped quiet my mind - thank you! Ananda

Kristina - for being a helpful collaborator and great friend! Ananda

I appreciate Kathy Cotten for making a fantastic distance learning introductory video that helps students understand how to access content and assignments on her page. I'm sure she is one of many who did so, but I happened to notice hers and thought it was awesome. Way to go Kathy!

Ramona Loiselle for helping me with ALL of my tech questions. I appreciate you! -Allyson Heyen

Paulina...thank you for making all our ideas look beautiful. You are an amazing team mate, and counselor!!!

Shout out to Karin for your endless work to make all of us teachers feel 100% supported!

Thank you Ramona for all of your help with PowerSchool and organizing our Distance Learning!

Thank you Allyson for all of your help with organizing Distance Learning!

Thank you Amy for your support and flexibility during our preparations for Distance Learning!

Thank you to Matt and Kelly for all your help with our distance learning lessons! I could not have done it without you. Kathy

Thank you to Ramona, Haley, Allyson, and Amy for all your help with English planning and lessons for this new adventure! Kathy

Thank goodness for Jennifer and Katey for their support with technology!!! Kathy

Karin you are an incredible leader. Thank you for all your support through this. Kathy

Ramona is amazing for organizing the English department's meetings! Thank you!!!

the CMS electives team, for working together to get applications going! This is a big shift and i'm thankful for all the support.

To the Science 7 team - I love how you incorporated student choice into your assignments for the week!

Shout out to Bonnie, Todd & Brian for helping compile an awesome collection of Health & PE resources for our students. While we may not be out on the field or in the gym there is no shortage of activities for our students. Way to go PE team!

My CMS Family: Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts, food, gifts, and support while I was sick and recovering. You are wonderful and I am so grateful for you. Love you all. Barb Jones

Matt Smith- Thank you for all of your tech help! The History 7 team is lucky to have you!- Kelly S.

Kathy C.- Thank you for all of your help creating calendars and materials for our History 7 team!- Kelly S.

Brooke B.- Thanks for your excellent communication and support for our shared kiddos!- Kelly S.

Ananda- Thanks for being my rock in History 8!- Kelly S.

Jennifer Landry- Thank you for going above and beyond to help us with our tech needs this week!- Kelly S.

Karin- Thank you for the clear communication and unwavering support of our team! We are so lucky to have you at the helm!- Kelly S.

Kevin Ramirez for his help with the 6th grade science curriculum! - Stacy Salimando

Kim Pittner for always listening and keeping in touch! - Stacy Salimando Jennifer Landry for being so incredible and assisting everyone during these crazy quarantine times! - Stacy Salimando

Amanda - thank you for all of your help and talking to me on the phone, daily haha! Brian & Amanda - thank you for being a great team!

Kevin - thanks for putting together the awesome staff video!

Meg Appel for being an awesome Math 7 teammate and making some great resources and videos for our students! - Amanda G.

Ryan - thanks for sharing your printable worksheets and instructional videos!

Karin - for being our fearless leader!

Elizabeth Wertz, for being an awesome teammate and providing some great ideas for student engagement with distant learning! - Amanda Gregory

Brooke Barto, for being an amazing friend and support during this crazy time! I miss seeing you everyday and appreciate all your help with Math 8! - Amanda Gregory

*Katey and Matt ( the dynamic dual) - Thank you for being the humanities front runners of our C.U.S.D. Three Week Plan! Thank you for your amazing work! Kim :)

*Kevin - Thank you for taking the time over vacation to put together the wonderful staff video for our CMS family :)

*Kelly-Thank you for being a wonderful friend! You are someone I can go for weeks without talking to because we’re living life, but when we do meet up, there’s nothing but love! Kim :) *Katey - Thank you for sending reminders, running our humanities department Zoom meetings, and keeping our links working. You rock! Kim :) *Lisa - Thank you for sharing your great ideas! Kim :)

*Jennifer - Thank you for keeping us updated; your communication is appreciated! :)

Laura Noonan-Making our 7th grade screencasts

Amy Amerling: All your hard work and commitment to your kiddos! I appreciate you coming to all our 7th grade science meetings!

Brooke Barto: Helping science get ready for distance learning

Kathy Cotten: Helping me calm down and remind me that they don't all hate me!

Kevin Donahue- I appreciate your support with EVERYTHING! Great teamwork!

Kelly Sailers- Thank you for your regular communication with me and your flexibility. <3 Barto

Alison Keehan- Thanks for joining me on Zoom with students, google docs for collabo and Facetime for friendship. Love ya dude! - Barto

8th grade Team- You all have been incredible in keeping SpEd in the loop with your content, ideas, meetings, etc... I am so fortunate to work with all you amazing minds. Keep crushing! Barto

Triple Threat - Shout out to Meg Appel, Kathy Cotten, and Coach Bachman for graciously volunteering to attend our first virtual IEP meetings this week with me! You have no idea how appreciated it is! -Amy Amerling

To Melissa Miller: You are an amazingly driven individual who has not stopped looking for the best platforms for our students to showcase their work. I appreciate all of your hard work and how wonderful you are. Your students are extremely lucky! Cara

Amy Amerling: She was extremely prepared and did an outstanding job in our 2 IEPs on Tuesday. Alison Keehan

Brooke Barto: Thank you for all of your leadership and guidance and excellent resources you have shared for our parents and students. -Amy Amerling

Brooke Barto: Jumping right into the role of Sped Department Lead and doing a fantastic job. Alison Keehan

To: Lauren Ingersoll (VI teacher) You have gone above and beyond to make sure that all of my materials are accessible for G. I can't thank you enough for your collaboration and friendship. Cara

Ryan Keller: Thank you for partnering up with me to make our 7th graders feel as supported as possible! -Amy Amerling

Katey Bouwman: Being extremely helpful in setting up PowerSchool pages and tips for Sped Teachers and service providers. Alison Keehan

Katie Martel: Thank you for being an awesome partner working with our 6th graders and supporting them so much this week! -Amy Amerling

Alison Keehan: Thank you for helping the team navigate our first virtual IEP meetings! You are the best! -Amy Amerling

Jennifer Landry: For helping me come up with creative solutions for everything! You are amazing! Alison Keehan

Shout to Laura Noonan (and many others!!) for closely tracking engagement of students with IEPs and offering support!

Kristina Byrd: Thank you for leading us in science and emailing me back with lightening speed when our kids are struggling. -Amy Amerling

Shout out to the amazing Brooke Barto for doing an awesome job stepping in as special education department lead!

To Kathy and Kelly! Thank you both for being so creative, supportive, and willing to make awesome silly videos for our kiddos!

Julia! For coming back to be apart of this crazy distance learning adventure!

Ramona Loiselle & Haley Leverton: Thank you for all the awesome resources for our 7th graders, you guys rock! -Amy Amerling

Katey B- For your dedication to creating amazing content for our Humanities students!

To Linda - Thanks for keeping me laughing. I really appreciate you!

Shout out to Matt Smith for dealing with me. Honestly, I don't know how he does it.

Shout out to Jennifer for being so quick to respond and so caring about all teacher needs.

EVERYONE deserves a shout out, don’t ya think! Laurie H

Karin-our fearless leader, has a way of making us look ‘together and ready’ even if we are not quite feeling it! Laurie H

April Birthdays

Happy Birthday!

5 Laurie Narmore

13 Ryan Keller

30 Nick Sherar


Staff and Department /Grade Level Meetings will be on Wednesdays from 2:00-3:15

  • April 8, 2020: Staff

  • April 15, 2020: Staff (first 15-30 mins) Department (45-60mins)

  • April 22, 2020 Staff (first 15-30 mins) Grade level (45-60mins)

  • April 29, 2020 Staff (first 15-30 mins) Department (45-60mins)

TLT Virtual Meetings will be on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm

  • April 7, 2020
  • April 21, 2020
SSC Virtual Meeting
  • April 28, 2020