Washington's Road to Leadership

by Conner Whittington

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While he was not formally educated, George Washington's upbringing was the main reason he was such a strong leader. he was ambitious, had many positive influences in his early life, and overcame many challenges.

George Washington's childhood and early education

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was home schooled by his mother from age 6 to 16 because his family was to poor to afford school. George Washington was the oldest of six children with Augustine and Mary Washington. George Washington's father died when he was 11, and he had to help his mother run the plantation. When George was 16 he became a surveyor plotting land in Virginia. The tough early years and the influence of his mother will provide George with the drive needed to lead a nation.

George Washington's Family Influences

After his father died George Washington became the ward of his half-brother Lawerance. Another big influence on George Washington was the Fairfax family. Lord Fairfax hired George Washington to survey the land in Culpeper County. His brother Lawerance was the first to own Mount Vernon which George Washington inherited when Lawerance died. George Washington's mother taught him manners and discipline. George Washington's friends & family prepared him for job opportunities and skill's he will use later in life.

Start of George Washington's military career

In 1752 Washington started his military career and was given the rank major in the Virginia militia. He became the rank major at age 20. He was sent to warn the French to stop taking land that was claimed by Britain, which eventually led to a massacre. This massacre was believed to have started the French and Indian war. In 1755 Washington was given the honorary rank of colonel and joined the british army. because Washington learned from his failures in the french & indian war it has made him a stronger leader.

George Washington's Marriage

In 1758 Washington resigned from the military and went back to Mount Vernon to work on the plantation. In 1759 Washington married Martha Custis, they lived at Mount Vernon and continued to farm. George and Martha never had any children but George adopted both of Martha's kids whom she had before him. Martha had been a rich widow and when he married her he got an extra 18,000 acres of land. A year after marring Martha he won a seat in the lower Virginia legislature. this provided Washington with something to fight.

Washington gets fed up!

In the 1760's Washington had stopped growing tobacco, cost him to much money in taxes. The army he had once fought for, he was now going against. Washington started growing crops that could be grown in America, got into fishing industry. One of the first Virginia citizens to go against the British rule. In 1774 Virginia legislature voted him to the first continental congress, along with Thomas Jefferson. due to high taxes and unfair policies Washington was prepared to fight against the british.

Washington gets promoted!

John Adams nominated George Washington for Commander & Chief. In April 1775 the colonies went to war. Because George Washington wore a military uniform it signified he was prepared to go to war. Washington was a strong patriot, solders trusted him, and he had military experience. George Washington was unanimously voted on June 14 1775 as General and Commander & Chief. This is the turning point for Washington, fighting against the people he once fought for

The Strong Leader

Washington's strong leadership came from all of his skills and influences, from his mother's ambition and drive to his experiences on the battlefield. The challenges he overcame gave him the drive, courage, and the push he needed to become a strong leader.

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