Bennett 3rd Grade Newsletter

September 11th - September 18th

Great Things Happening in Third Grade

We have had a wonderful three weeks of school! We are so pleased with all of our third graders hard work and perseverance, they are third grade rock stars!

Next week in Math, students will review rounding to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred. Students will also learn to round to the nearest compatible number (which is usually the nearest '5'). Students will have to use rounding this year in many different math circumstances. Students will have to determine if they need to round to the nearest ten, or compatible number by looking at their answer choices and working a problem rounding both ways. They will also learn to look for key clue words such as 'estimate' and 'about' to know when to round. Students will solve multi-step word problems by rounding sums, and then adding or subtracting. Students will also revisit addition and subtraction with regrouping. Students will use rounding to help estimate the answers to each problem, and then students will actually add or subtract (with regrouping) to solve the problems.

In Reading, students will learn strategies on how to use context clues to help understand text. Students will become word detectives as they go back into the text to identify using synonyms, antonyms, base words, homonyms, homophones and multiple meaning words to help clarify what they are reading. Students will also use context clues in their literature circle groups to help better understand their reading. In Writing, students will begin writing a personal narrative. Students will learn how to write a 'hook' for the narrative, and will also focus on what makes a complete paragraph. Students will review using proper verb tense in their writing.

In Social Studies, we will begin a new ELM over communities. Students will be challenged to identify how the community of McKinney meets the needs of its citizens through government structures, and explain how each individual community member is a good citizen. The students are enjoying ELM and working well in their ELM groups. Please see our attached team plan over our upcoming ELM.

Please let your teacher know if you need a hard copy of homework by emailing her. Homework is due each Friday morning.

Spelling Lists

SA List- super, supper, diner, dinner, tiger, happy, later, busy, pretty, paper, penny, even, tiny, over, puppy, rabbit, kitten, ruler, hello, crazy, letter, lesson, summer, open

WW List- kick, take, took, bike, sick, lock, shook, shake, duck, duke, spoke, pack, strike, cook, lick, sock, smoke, look, truck, like, book

LN List- pig, lip, dig, pill, mill, zip, wig, hill, rip

Important Upcoming Events

Monday, September 14th: Fundraiser assembly, Announced Lockdown Drill

Tuesday, September 15th: Taste it Tuesday

Thursday, September 17th: Girl Scouting Event 6:30 - 8:30pm

Friday, September 18th: STUCO Forms Due

Monday, September 21st: PTO Room Rep Meeting, Fall Pictures

Tuesday, September 22nd: PTO meeting 7:00pm/ELM Night, Watch Dog Sign Up Opens

Wednesday, September 23rd: Progress Reports Go Home

Friday, September 25th: Principal's Coffee 8:15am, Friday Live 2:15pm

Monday, September 28th: Creed Lunch 10:30am, Fundraiser Ends

Wednesday, September 30th: Bear Buddy Kick-Off 7:30am Library