Mrs. Nicholson - Government

Tuesday March 19th

Chapter 9 - Interest Groups

Because I am absent today we will be going out of order in our chapters this week. We will begin with chapter 9 and wrap the unit up with Chapter 8.

Your test on Unit 3 will be Wednesday March 27 over chapters 5,7,8,&9.

Today you will need to follow the activities lined out on this page for you. You will need to follow the order left in this page and have the assignments done by the end of class.


Be sure that you have your power point slides with you and a pen or pencil to take notes with.

You will be lidtening to a recorded lecture via youtube and taking notes in the same format that we do in the classroom.

Click on the below link and proceed to take notes for Chapter 9.

Interest Groups

Researching Interest Groups

For this portion of the assignment you will need to get the handout titled "Interest Groups".

You will click on the follwing link

Click on Influence and Lobbying

Click on Interest Groups

Complete the chart with 5 Interest Groups

You will need to included:

1) The name of the group, how much they have contributed, and to whom have they contributed.

2) The purpose or goal of the group

3) What influence have they had or legislation have they caused

Organizing the Influence Video

For this portion of the assignment you will need to obtain the handout " Interests Groups:Organizing to Influence" Video Viewing Guide

Click on the following link

Watch the 30 minutevideo clip of the Interest Group: Organizing to Influence video starting with:

"The Battle over Crusader"

Complete the video guide as you listen to the video.

You may not finish the whole video

Write down the time in the video that you left off so that you can pick up where you left off in the next class.