EL Happenings

Volume 4 Issue 3

Teacher Feature-SIOP Component-Interaction

Kate Busch at Southport Elementary uses small groups for rotations to foster student interaction because doing so accesses the thought processes of another and solidifies one’s own thinking. She uses task cards to structure activities at varying levels, in order to differentiate for each learner. Kate has found that using student roles ensures accountability of student work, and sets high expectations for all students to be a valuable contributor. Students in Kate's class must work together, sharing information, while practicing their language and using critical thinking skills. Great Job, Miss Busch and students!

Task card example: https://mrelementarymath.com/task-cards/

Teacher Takeaway for Secondary

SIOP Component: Strategies

SIOP Feature: A Variety of Questions or Tasks That Promote Higher-Order Thinking Skills

How do you think critically? Start by asking yourself a variety of questions.....this cheat sheet may help model the who, what, where, when, why and how with older students! This visual may help our EL students ask the "right" questions to think critically and not have to spend the time thinking about what question to ask. Click on the picture to make a copy for yourself:)

Have students struggling with reading in high school? This blog post has great reminders about 4 strategies that are key to focus on with those students. Make sure we are providing models and plenty of opportunities to predict, infer, summarize, and question. What other skill can you think of that would improve comprehension for our students?

Teacher Takeaway for Elementary

SIOP Component: Strategies

SIOP Feature: Scaffolding Techniques Consistently Used, Assisting and Supporting Student Understanding

How often do we ask students to improve writing without being able to give them concrete ideas of HOW to do that? Both of the links below (you can also click on the pictures) have examples of graphic organizers that might make it easier for our students to follow the process of writing because the thinking is made visible.

16 Writing Strategies

Tonya Ward Singer organizer (ask your Master Teacher about the Total Physical Response activity to act out this organizer)

Recent and Upcoming Holidays

Our students celebrate all kinds of holidays at this time of year. Click on the links or pictures below to get more information about some of the recent or upcoming holidays.

Many countries do not celebrate Halloween. Please speak with your students about their right to participate or not. Some universal signs for not participating are: closed doors, lights off, blinds drawn, and not answering the door.

Compliance Corner

Monitoring Former English Learners (Level 5s)

Perry Township's rigorous monitoring system includes benchmarks for expected growth in acquiring academic content knowledge twice during the academic year after quarters one and three and take appropriate steps to assist students who are not making adequate progress.

The formal process of monitoring level 5s maintains robust documentation for our EL and content teachers to monitor former English learners. This documentation must include essential data such as the student’s grades in each content area, scores on district and state assessments and standardized tests, and teacher observations of student strengths and weaknesses in each of the four language domains and each academic subject.

This monitoring system for former English learners must be in addition to general academic monitoring provided to all students, and must be conducted in collaboration with English learner and general education staff.

After the two‐year monitoring period, we must ensure:

  • Former English learners who have been reclassified as fluent have full access to mainstream curricula
  • Any academic deficits resulting from lack of English proficiency have been addressed and remedied
  • Any recurring language needs identified through the monitoring process have been addressed and remedied
  • Former English learners are meaningfully participating in the standard instructional program in a manner comparable to their native English speaking peers.

The Indiana Department of Education has a responsibility to monitor local education agencies to ensure that current and former English learners have meaningful access to grade‐ appropriate core content and language instruction. They have provided additional guidance regarding monitoring and exiting English Learners from EL programming and services in the video below. This module reviews the processes for exiting a student from the EL program, the required two-year monitoring process for students who have exited, and cases where a student could re-enter an EL Program.

EL 101 Part VIII Monitoring and Exiting

Parent Liason Update

Last month, Kjack and Maria presented information about the Hispanic and Chin cultures during YMCA welcome week. They are amazing resources for our students, parents, teachers, and community and we are so blessed to have their knowledge and compassion in Perry Township. Please feel free to reach out to them with questions or concerns about your students!

District EL Coaches

Nichole Seal

Email: nseal@perryschools.org

Twitter: @NicholeSeal2

JJ Tidd

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