CPS Student Newsletter


A message from the editors...

Hooray! Welcome to the first issue of CPS Student Newsletter! In this first issue you will discover:

- Information about school clubs

- DIY Projects

- Book recommendations.

- Colouring In Comps

And tonnes more!

From your editors Taryn and Breeze


Student Interview of the Week: ANNIKA!

Favourite thing at school: Singing and Spelling

Favourite subject: Science

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Sushi

Favourite sport: Swimming


Colour this Easter colouring in as colourful as you can!

Your colouring in could be shown in the next CPS MAG!

And you could get interviewed!

So get colouring!


Hey girls, this is your own section in the mag!

This week: 'How to have your hair for school!'



What you will need:

- Paper Towel Roll

- Textas

- Cardboard

- Safety Scissors

- Craft Glue or Sticky Tape


1. Take your paper towel roll and draw a face with your textas.

2. Cut out 2 ears, 2 feet and 2 paws from your cardboard with your safety scissors.

3. Glue on the ears, feet and paws.

4. Enjoy your cute bunny rabbit!


Q: What colour is a burp?

A: Burple!

Q: Why did the man freeze his money?

A: Because he wanted cold, hard cash!

Q: Why did the man throw his watch?

A: Because he wanted to see time fly!

Q: How do you start a teddy bear race?

A: Say Ready, Teddy, GO!

Do you know some jokes? If you do, write it down neatly on a piece of paper, and give it to Taryn.


Ever been walking around the school library, wondering 'What should I borrow today?'

Well read here, this is your own list of books to borrow from the school library!

If you think that you know some good books or book series, please write it down and some information about it and give it to Taryn.

FOR K-2!

- Annies Chair.

Annie loves her chair. Nobody is allowed in it except for Annie. One day annie

finds someone in her chair! Find out what happens next in the book!

- Don't forget the bacon

In this story, you will discover a boy that is going for a walk up to the shop. His

mother tells him: "Don't forget the bacon!' find out if he forgets or remembers the

bacon in the story book.

FOR 3-4!

- Aussie Nibbles

The Aussie nibbles books are a great series. There is girls and boys books.

On the cover of the books, you will see a big nibble taken out of the page!

- Aussie Bites

The Aussie Bites series are a bit harder to read than the Aussie Nibbles series.

On the cover of the books, you will see a big bite taken out of the page!

FOR 5-6!

- Diary of a wimpy kid

The book Diary of a wimpy kid is a hilarious series by Jeff Kinney, about an ordinary

boy named Greg. You would find these books in the 5-6 PRC section.

- Goosebumps Books

The series of the goosebumps books are super scary, don't read these books if you

get scared easily!



Diary Entry, Saturday 9 March 2013

My alarm goes off. It is beeping like there is no tomorrow. 5:30AM time for training. I slip my thongs on and squeeze into my swimsuit. I put on my shorts and a shirt over my swimsuit. I grab my goggles, flippers and stop watch and I shove them into my bag. I pinch an apple from the fruit bowl and quickly jump onto my bike. I peddle my bike as fast as I can to the local pool where my trainer will be waiting for me. I quickly put the stand down on my bike out the front off the pool. I scan my access pass and go to find my trainer. She's not here. It must be early, I take my shorts and shirt off and jump into the pool. I do laps of freestyle. I nearly forgot to mention, I'm Sarah and i'm 12 years old, and in only 3 days I am going into a race against some of Australia's fastest swimmers.I have been training everyday after school, and from 5:30AM until 3:00PM on weekends.I see my trainer now. Her name is Casey, Case for short. I jump out of the pool and give her my stopwatch, she hangs it around her neck and presses start. I jump into the pool and swim as fast as I can. I am close to the end of the pool, I push against it turn around and swim even faster than I did before. I finally reach the end and put my hand up. Case presses stop on the stopwatch. I look at the time. Woohoo! New Record, it took me 25 seconds to do that! I am so proud of myself. I am going to win this race for sure! At least I hope so...

Diary Entry, Sunday 10 March 2013.

Today I don't have to go training until 7:00AM, Yay! Sleep in! My bag is ready to go. Today it has: Goggles, Flippers, Towel, A Kick Board and $3 for the tuck shop. It is 6:30, I eat some cereal and skull down some orange juice. I brush my teeth and my hair. And get dressed into my swimming gear. I chuck on a dress and check the time. It is 6:55AM time to leave. I grab my bag, jump onto my bike, push the stand up and i'm off. I reach the pool in only 3 minutes. I push the stand down and jump of my bike. I race in the pool, with only 2 minutes to get there, I scan my access pass drop my bag on an empty seat, take my dress off and dive into the deep end of the pool Case jumps in with me. " Ready to go Sarah? " she says " Ready steady. " I reply. She sits on the step of the pool and starts the stopwatch. I do 5 laps of the pool and check the stopwatch. What!? It only took me 1 minute and 30 seconds! Amazing! I jump out of the pool and get dressed into my dress. I take my swimmers off and shove them into my bag with my access pass and swim gear and put in on an empty seat. I spend my money on a gatorade energy drink. I drink it, jump on my bike, wave to Case and race home. When I reach my house I park my bike out the front on the lawn. And push through the front door. I flop onto the lounge, pick up the remote and put on the channel FOX sports. Hooray, swimming is on. It is a replay of the London Olympics. I watch it and go to get my swimming bag. OHNO! I left it at the pool! It has my access pass and everything else in it! :-(!! I quickly race out of the door and slam it shut. I run as fast as I can , BAREFOOT! Down the street. I race around the corner, panting heavily. I finally reach the local pool. I run inside. I have to scan my access pass to get in! What do I do now? I lose my swim gear and my access pass. What a disaster!! I fall to my knees onto the ground, and cry. I cry and cry and cry. I have never been so sad in my life. Someone taps me on the shoulder. I look up. It's Casey. "Looking for something she says?" as she holds up my swimming bag. "Yes! Thank you so much!!" I say as I hug her. I take my bag and she gives me a lift home. I sigh in relief, my bag has been found. I have nothing to worry about. But I still feel worried.. I don't know what im worried about.. :/

Diary Entry, Monday 11 March 2013

I am so nervous. Tomorrow is the race. I am so nervous. The only kids I have ever raced before are my dad and some kids at school. I have gotten into zone every swimming carnival. I have also been to nationals where I came second and got my picture in the local newspaper. So I can't be that bad. It is 4:45. I am lying in bed thinking about my race. I close my eyes for a couple of minutes. My alarm goes off. It is 6:30. I get up, have a shower, get into my school uniform and get dressed into my school uniform. I Pour a glass of orange juice and grab a bowl of fruit. I munch up my breakfast and skull down my drink. I brush my teeth, grab my schoolbag and ride my bike to school. In class the only thing that I can think about is the swimming race tomorrow. I keep daydreaming in class so my teacher comes up to me and snaps her fingers in front of my face. Whoops. Better get on with my maths!

It is now the end of the day. I race home and grab my swimming bag. This time I will keep an eye on it. I cannot lose it again. Especially when the race is only tommorow. I jump onto my bike and pedal my bike as fast as I can and when I get there I train all day.

Diary Entry, Tuesday 12 March 2013

Today is the race day. It is so scary. Maybe I should not of signed up for this race anyway. No, I will try my best. The only thing I can do is try. I am going to do it. At 5:30 my mum and I go to the swimming pool where the race will be held. I am sort of nervous and exicted at the same time. It is 7:00 time for the race to start. I slip my swimming cap onto my head and put my goggles over my eyes. I am ready for this. I hear the starting gun crack. I dive into the pool and swim as fast as I can. My goal for this race is to get a place. I go as fast as I can. I reach the end of the pool and flip around. I am coming 3rd. I go even faster than before. I can see the end of the pool coming up. ( Although it is quite blurry! ) I reach the end of the pool and put my hand up. I cannot believe my eyes. I have come first. I pinch my self to see if I am dreaming. Ouch that hurt. I have come first place. I am so proud of my self. My mum is cheering so loud and the other kids that were versing me aren't pleased. I recieve a trophy, take my goggles off and stand up. I am so happy. All of that training was worth it. I can't wait to show my trophy for show and tell.



Do you think that your pet is the cutest? If so, take a photo of your pet and on the back of the photo write down:

Pets Name:

Pets Age:

Is Pet Girl or Boy:

Tricks your pet can do:

What makes your pet awesome:

and give it to Taryn.


Is your birthday coming up next month? Do you want everyone to know when it is?

Then write on a piece of paper and write how old you will be turning, give it to Taryn and your birthday will be in CPS MAG!


If you had one wish, what would it be and why? Please send in your wish to CPS MAG you can only send in 1 or 2 wishes as the best wish will be chosen to be shown in the mag. Good Luck! And get wishing!


Do you think that you are good at art? Then show us!! Draw or paint a picture of whatever you would like. Take a photo of yourself holding your masterpiece and give it to Taryn for your change to be shown in CPS MAG! So get painting!



Do you need some brainteasers? Then read here. These are some tricky questions. Only for

5-6. As these questions are pretty hard. Answers will be in the next issue of CPS Mag.


- 15 x 15 =

- 20% of 100 =

- 70% of 200 =
- 12 x 12 =

- 1,048 + 2,592 =

If you would like to submit your own questions so that they can be shown next week, please tell Taryn.



These 2 girls have been best friends since they were 4 years old. They see eachother almost every weekend and are always seen together. That is why they were picked for best friends of the month.


Dakota, why is Jayde your best friend? Because she is nice

Jayde, why is Dakota your best friend? Because we have always been friends

How often do you see eachother? Very often

Do you think that you will be best friends forever? Yes

What is your favourite thing to do together? Play games

Dakota, what is your favourite thing about Jayde? She is friendly and caring

Jayde, what is your favourite thing about Dakota? She is nice and cool

Dakota, what is Jayde's nickname? ' Jaydie '

Jayde, what is Dakota's nickname? ' Kody '

Do you want to have a chance of winning best friends of the month? If you do then hang out with your best friend for the whole week and try to make sure that Taryn see's you.