Tattoos And Piercings

How ink and needle come together to form art

Why I enjoy these two painful activities

. Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D got me interested in tattoos.

.I have enjoyed tattoos at as little as age five and piercings at around ten.

.I really enjoy the fact that you can customized a tattoo and place ink or body jewelry anywhere.

.I have accomplished getting a tattoo and a piercing before the age of eighteen.

Who I respect most

My boyfriend Chris shares the same desires for tattoos and piercings just as I do. We will sit and go over what things we want inked on us and what they mean to us. It's personal and something for both of us to look forward to doing together.

Some Jobs include

Guaranteed to be expensive but worth it

Frequently Asked Questions

Do tattoos and piercing hurts?

What types of tattoos are there?

What would you get if you could have any tattoo?