The House On Noble Street

By David

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Starting Off

I grew up with only half of what I was supposed to have. I lost my dad at 2 years old and I didn't know him until he called and asked to see me; I was four and never properly met him so i was excited. It was a unique experience, but I was fulfilled to have seen him for the first time. A couple months after seeing him, my grandma passed away because she had a leukemia, my mom was heartbroken: so was everybody who knew my grandma.

Who I am

I was never one to give up; of course I would get scared and tired. I would still at least try again to succeed. When I would fail, such as doing a trick or completing a task. I would keep trying, not give up and when I get the hang of it then I would get better and better until I am almost perfect at whatever it is that I didn't do.


My personal vignettes show what i have been through in my life, and explain why I do and don't do certain things. They also show that I have issues either at home or anywhere else

Some of the issues in the book reflect who I am because I have gone through the some of the same problems in my life. I have also seen other people go through those problems or accomplishments when they are not themselves and they are having a rough time; regret something or don't want to talk and they just want to be alone for the day

I have experienced a coming of age because my parents have given me tons of responsibilities around the house. They trust me with doing important things because i'm the oldest in the family, they want me to be more capable of completing any assignment without hesitation.

I enjoyed reading the book because it had different topics and I wouldn't get tired of reading the beginning of the story for awhile and not getting to the good part about half way through the book . The vignettes all had different topics but they all have one part to Esperanza's life and her story in the book

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