Begining of the Civil War

Battle of Fort Sumner

Kayla Hepler

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Battle of Fort Sumter Infomation

The battle was at Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, April 12–14, 1861.It was named after Revolutionary War General Thomas Sumter.


The significance of this battle was that it started the American Civil War. The battle also had secessions of seven southern states.
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Confederate forces protected Fort Sumter for three and a half days before Northern commander Major Robert Anderson surrendered. The war was between the union army with the leader of Robert Anderson and the Confederate army with leader of P. G. T. Beauregard.
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The battle began by Lincoln knowing that Anderson and his men were running out of supplies, Lincoln announced his intention to send three unarmed ships to relieve Fort Sumter, sending them to attack.
No Union troops had been killed during the bombardment, but two men died the following day in an explosion.

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