News from Mountain Brook Jr. High and Beyond

Wise Words from the Ninth Grade

We asked a group of 9th graders to reflect on their time at the JH. Here's what they had to say.

What is your favorite MBJH memory?

"P.E. handball and indoor soccer." - Jackson K.

"The weekly shows and pep rallies." - Kelsey K.

"This year at Latin Con, I got to wear a toga and got to have a banquet in a room filled with people wearing togas." - Frances H.

What advice would you give to upcoming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders?

"Get by." - Michael M.

"Enjoy MBJH while you're here." - Laine B.

"Keep your head and focus on long-term goals." -Brianna L.

What will you miss most about the Junior High?

"Mrs. Shadeed" - Molly Rose B.

"Mrs. Angel the lunch lady"- Jackson H.

"Simplicity" -Crawford V.

"I will miss how close the Junior High is to my house." - Frances H.

What are you looking forward to most about attending the High School?

"A long lunch." - Ben P.

"Independence and less rules." - Bre L.

"Carrying backpacks to class." - Laine B.

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New Name, Still the Same

By Angela F.

Quick, what’s the name of the trip during which over seventy 8th and 9th graders make their way to a conference on sandy Gulf shores?

If you answered “STRIDE”, you’re wrong.

What had been a constant staple at the Junior High has transformed this year, taking on a new name, LEAD. While the basics are the same (two days of no school, the beach, group activities focusing on teamwork and leadership), there have been a few differences aside from the name.

Staying true to its moniker, LEAD is now more focused than ever on leadership and developing young leaders. According to Mr. McCain, one of the faculty sponsors for LEAD, “The former name, STRIDE (Students and Teachers Reaching Individuals through Drug Education), reflected an anti-drug focus, but over the past several years, the conference has become more about making positive choices rather than specifically focusing on an anti-drug message.”

This was truer than ever in the drawings. As any high school student can tell you, ninth grade was the year. In the lottery to pick conference participants, only the ninth graders had their name entered twice. Obviously, the result was a very disproportionate group of students. However, it would not make sense to have so many ninth graders at a conference focused on leadership; after all, so many students would be trained to be leaders only to leave the Junior High. So certain quotas were put in place. Only three students who had attended last year could attend this year, and the amount of eight and ninth graders had to be almost the same.

But what about the things that didn’t change? While the student makeup, name, lottery, and even intent have shifted, what had made STRIDE STRIDE remained very much intact. There were still extravagant floats, creative centerpieces, and memorable dances. Inspirational talks still made their ways to students, guiding them to make positive decisions and become better leaders all while maintaining a positive self-image. Activities on the beach still united teams as they raced to be crowned winners.

So when over seventy students and faculty made their way to the Grand Hotel Mariott Resort in Point Clear, Alabama, on May 2nd, they weren’t headed for a completely different event. Instead, they were headed for a conference much like the ones countless students before them had made. And hopefully, it is a trip even more students will make next year. When asked about future plans, Mr. McCain revealed that he wished to extend the program to allow more students the opportunity to extend. “We have some really BIG plans, and we hope to announce them soon,” he added.

By Frances H.

On April 29th and 30th, one of the best performances of the school year took place. The last choir show was a phenomenal performance that definitely left me smiling. The choir put on the show Guys and Dolls with William Scott and Emma Rollins at the lead. Guys and Dolls takes place in New York City and tells the story of the missionary Sarah Brown and the well-known gambler Sky Masterson. Their characters were amazingly played by Emma Rollins and William Scott who both gave incredible performances. The singing and choreography were outstanding and made this musical a great end to a year of wonderful performances by the choir.


Sarah Brown- Emma Rollins

Sky Masterson- William Scott

Miss Adelaide- Kate Edmonds

Nathan Detroit -Tanner Echols

Nicely-Nicely Johnson- Alex Perlman

Trio Boys

Harry the Horse - Josiah Sonich

Rusty Charlie - Avrham Robinson

Benny Southstreet - Adam Thomas

Trio Girls (Featured dancers)

Doll #1 (Mimi)- Katy Grace Libscomb

Doll #2- Jennifer Lauriellio

Doll #3- Grace Reeder

Big Jule- Blake Fields

Lt. Brannigan- Gabe Ivker

General Cartwright - Emilie Harwell

Arvide Abernathy- Nicole Roberts

Martha - Kelsey Potter

Clara- Elizabeth Turner

Angie the Ox -Jimmy Pham

Crap Shooters

Ross Abbot, Daniel Azrin, Will Beasley, Freddie Nunnelley, John Price, Cole Wilcox

Hot Box Girls

Katy Grace Libscomb, Jennifer Lauriellio, Grace Reeder, Sabrina Balmer, Anne Catherine Bonatz, Laura Breckenridge, Kayla Carr, Louisa Collins, Elizabeth Corcoran, Claire Friday,Piper Gray, Katie Klasing, Hannah Reeder, Caroline Saia, Simona Shirley, Anna Tucker,

Caroline Wagnon, Hannah Waudby

Mission Girls

Griselle Aguiar, Eden Brittain, Emmie Cochran, Lily Dale, Jessica Davidson, Lilli Fowler, Remy Garrison, Grayson Gamso, Addie Glover, Lindsay Horton, Lucy Key, Annie Leonelli, Marilyn Oestrike, Sarah Oestrike, Mary Arden Pennington, Anna Grace Putman, Rachel Rysedorph, Marie Saab, Laura-Lee Thompson, Noelle Thrasher, Lizzy Walker, Mary Christine Watts,