TCEA 2018 -

Innovate Learning, TRANSFORM The Future

Day 5 - Last Day Learning

Despite today being a short day, I STILL learned some awesome things!
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Nimbus Screenshot Reader & Screen Recorder Chrome Extension

Most of you know that I'm addicted to the "Snipping Tool" for grabbing images on my computer screen and to Screencast-O-Matic for doing my screencasts, but I saw a Google extension today that might replace these two...Nimbus Screenshot Reader & Screen Recorder. Take a look at the options it offers to the right.

Other Highlights:

1. After you snip images in Nimbus there are several options in editing them! Like

adding text and shapes, highlighting, & more.

2. One of the options is BLUR (in case you need to hide a kid's face or name!

3. Once you are done with screen captures of screencasts, you can download them, send them straight to Google Drive or Google Classroom!

Definitely add this extension to Chrome and give it a look if you haven't already!

Iorad Chrome Extension

Another screencasting tool that takes instructional videos to the next level! Iorad is a video tutorial builder. As you screencast your tutorial on how to do something it keeps track of your clicks and then lets you type out directions to go with them! Then the tutorial saves to your Google Drive! SOOOOO AWESOME! I can't wait to try it! See the tutoiral below on how to use and and then head to the Chrome Store to get the Iorad Extension.

Aviary Photo Editor

This one I got from Emily Meisel after she learned about it in one of her sessions. Aviary is an online or app photo editor and it is totally awesome. My NewsCrew kids are gonna LOVE it! The options it offers to edit photos are really robust for a freebie! Definitely check it out!

Google Keep Can Do That?

So....did you know that in Google Keep (you all have it...just go to while you are signed into Google) you can upload an image and Keep will recognize the text in the image and type it under the image? Uh huh...I didn't either. Cool.

Google Docs to Gmail Extension

You know sometimes the emails you send out are ugly but you want them to be pretty. There's an extension that can help with that...Google Docs to Gmail Extension. So pretty much with this extension you can create like a pretty flyer in Google Docs or Slides and then email that straight on out instead of typing a boring old email. Could come in handy for you!