The Final Soultion

By: Hans Christian Andreasen

Gas Vans

Gas vans were invented by the Soviet Union in 1936 by a man named Isay Berg, the head administrative and economic department of the NKVD of Moscow. During trips to Russia in 1941, Heinrich Himmler learned the psychological impact of shooting women and children on the Einsatzguppen. Because of this, he commissioned Arthur Nebe to explore ways of killing that were less stressful for the task forces. Nebe's experiments eventually led to the utilization of the gas van.
The Nazi Gas Chambers

This video shows how gas vans worked and how inhumane they were. The process could take up to half an hour and was very slow and gruesome death. The exhaust from the van would just be transferred right up to the captives. Later the Nazis used gas chambers instead of vans because the drivers would suffer trauma from hearing all the screams of dying people. Also with gas chambers, they were able to kill more jews, quicker and in higher quantities.