The Great Depression

Jordan Long


the great depression was from 1929 to 1933

the stocked markets crash in 1929

american went unemployed

president Roosevelt help the depression by building new programs

by 1933 the great depression was resolved

key person

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd president he served for 12 year the only president to ever serve over 8 years he was born on January 30th 1882 in New York. he was elected president in 1932 and almost every bank was close an 13,000,000 were unemployed in his first hundred days he proposed and a sweeping programs for the businesses to come back. he lead in world war II. he died at 1945

important facts

in 1929 The stock market crash begins October 24, October 29 investors call it black Tuesday.

in 1932 10,000 banks have failed since 1929

1934 the great depression turned around


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