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Thanks to you, Equal for All's news enriches day after day. These shoes are today available in more than ten shops in France. Find yours here. We are currently working on the women collection which would be available in the months to come!

Equal for Child was the first project initiated by Equal for All: it allowed children to live an experience charged with emotions. On the 19th and the 20th of october, 16 child aged between 10 and 16 years old, created a huge fresco in Cergy on the theme of equality. Graphers and artists helped them. Art becomes a means of expression and allows one to recognize its ability to create and grow through action.

Equal for Child

Find more details about this project on our blog. On the 11th of november this project will have a new echo: children from the Strasbourg CHU will spend the day at the Amnéville zoo with their parents. This outing aims at giving them the necessary hope and energy to continue their fights against illness. Follow our blog and networks so that you won't miss any of our news.

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