Gender vs. Physical Activity

By: Manali Gore


How does gender affect the amount of physical activity done by one person?


Males will have higher amounts of physical activity than females

Parts of the Investigation

Target Subject: The target subject of this experiment will be male and females varying in age group

Independent Variable- Gender

Dependent Variable- Physical activity

Control Group - None

Experimental Group- Males and Females in all grades

Data Table

Mean (Male) -94.8

SEM (Male)- 13.75

Range (Male)- 165

Mean(Female) - 47.4

SEM(Female) - 10.9

Range (Female)-240

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According to the data, the hypothesis that males perform more physical activity per day then females rendered to be true. Males had more people say they performed physical activity 3 or 2 hours a day. 7 people said they perform physical activity 3 or 2 hours a day where when compared to the females only 1 person performed 3 or 2 hours of physical activity a day. When the values are added together the mean of males is significantly higher than that of females. Male's mean is 94.8 vs Female's which is 47.4. These values are so statistically different that the p value for this set of data was below 0.05


Males perform more physical activity per day that females. The averages of these 2 groups are significantly different which effectively supports the claim.

Sources of Inaccuracies/Errors

There could have been inaccuracies when transposing the data from the google form onto the excel spreadsheet. There could have also been outliers in the data group that might have skewed the data failing to receive the most accurate response. Some students who were answering the survey might have taking it as a joke and put down values that were not true.


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