Popular Forms of Sales Promotion

By Mathew Perez

Premium Item Giveaway

By giving away free products, a business can lure customers to them.

Ex. At an MMA event, the first 50 people to enter the venue receive a free copy of the new MMA video game.

Sampling, Point-of-Purchase Displays, Couponing

Contest and Sweepstakes

Contest- A competition that people enter in order to win a prize

Sweepstakes- People enter a to win a prize, but must go through more promotional content from the sponsor.

Ex. People may enter a sweepstakes to enter a shopping spree, this promotes the sports company sponsoring the sweepstakes

Special Event

An event held in order to promote an organization, company, product, or service.

Ex. The Dallas Mavericks, in order to promote their team and organization, hold a basketball camp for kids in the summer.