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Mac Barnett visiting PT

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Come when Mac Barnett is coming to PT for a awesome visit? Its going to be great and fun! Talking about your favorite books and seeing a famous author? Who would avoid the golden opportunity.

Mac Barnett coming to vist PT at April 27

Monday, April 27th, 12am

Prairie Trail, Ankeny, IA, United States

Ankeny, IA

Mac Barnett: Why a good book is a secret door

What kind a person of Mac Barnett?

He is a Person you would've never thought of. He is a young hilarious man, but he is a author for children books. But that doesn't mean that he can not be silly. Mac Barnett is a very creative and somewhat can think out of the box... literally. When you see him you might be a little too excited.

This is going to be Awesome