Atlantians and Lemurians welcome

Everyone likes and adventure?

Many people today believe that both Atlantis and Lemuraia were real places of ancient civilization and culture. For a long time this was all considered mere myth, but recently with satellite imagery from space, some of these locations are revealing human made structures. But for some people they want more, and they have developed this into a religious belief.

Lemuriakergu is about more!

This page welcomes you to the free offer of Salvation from the Creator, which for many people today they do not believe in or even believe in His existence.

But He does exist and He is much more than the limitations of mother earth or any other claim to us being here by chance.

God, the Father, God, the Creator gave us?

He gave us His one and only Son.


For who ever believes in him will not perish, but will receive eternal, everlasting life. John 3:16.

But what stops us from believing in the first place is the failure in our hearts. John 3:17-21.