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January 2023

The CASY office will be closed:

Monday, January 16th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Post COVID Language Delays & Timely Services ~ Wednesday, January 11th at 11am

Now that the masks are taken off and the quarantines have ended, are we back to normal? COVID left a lasting mark on most of us, and our children are no different. Children born during this time or those that reached "toddlerhood" are showing signs of speech and language delays. Our pediatricians are the first line of defense, but they need your help! Learn more about the signs, symptoms, and risk factors that have been found to be indicative of a speech language disorder. If your child fits any of these concerns, then stay tuned for how to get timely evaluation and treatment as EARLY intervention is key! Many of our children missed opportunities and experiences that promote language and learning; so do not wait to get the help they need to get back on track! Hear from Jessica Downing, Speech Therapist and owner of Clarity Cognitive and Speech Therapy during this CASY family information session.

Register here.

Baking Math for Families and Young Children

Children often want to help—and help sample the finished product! Find time, at least once a week, to hold baking sessions that can start math conversations and calculations!

Baking math begins with forming a habit called mis en place—everything in order—“ducks in a row”—before you ever put the flour in the bowl. Bake together and build math skills with these 10 baking habits

Incorporate Music Into Activities With Your Child

For many of us, music is a key part of life, helping us pass time, increasing our productivity, or simply making us smile. But did you know that music can also have a major impact on your child’s development? Research has shown that music can have many positive effects on a growing child. Learn more here.

Early Signs of Learning Challenges

Tips that young kids might need support to thrive

It can be hard to tell if a preschool-age child is likely to have a learning disability. When kids are young, they develop skills at different speeds, and kids have different strengths and weaknesses. As they get older their abilities usually even out.

But there are some signs in preschool and early school that a child may be diagnosed with a learning disorder later on. For example, children who struggle to pick up rhyming may later have difficulty with reading. Likewise, kids who have trouble grasping the basics of counting may have trouble with math. Click here to read more.

How to Avoid Passing Anxiety on to Your Kids

Managing your own stress is the best way to keep your child from picking up your anxiety. You can try mindfulness techniques like deep breathing. Practicing mindfulness every day can help you feel calmer in general and make the techniques more effective when you are feeling anxious. You can also try to identify the things that make you anxious and set boundaries or come up with a plan for how to respond to them. Working with a therapist can help. Read more here.
Are Your Children Getting Enough Exercise Each Day?

Use our physical activity checker stopwatch tool to find out.

World Read Aloud Day!

For 13 years, World Read Aloud Day has called attention to the importance of sharing stories by challenging participants to grab a book, find an audience, and read-aloud! The global effort, created by the non-profit LitWorld and sponsored by Scholastic, is celebrated annually in over 173 countries and is all about bringing people together through the shared connection of reading aloud in all of our communities.
Join millions around the globe as we celebrate the power of reading aloud with World Read Aloud Day, held annually on the first Wednesday of February! As we begin the countdown to the next World Read Aloud Day on February 1, 2023, check out the Activity Hub below for free resources to help you celebrate reading aloud all year long.

Sick Day Games & Activities for Kids

Sick days: every parent’s nightmare. You have to scramble to reset your day, and even worse, see your little one feeling bad. You don’t hear your little one giggling or making jokes. There’s no running around or squeals while playing games. Hiding somewhere under the blankies is your usually healthy kid.

Although you hate seeing your little learner in a less than sunny mood, sick days give you the chance to bring out your top nurturing parent tools. Check out these ideas for comforting children 0-5 through sickness with lots of love and fun. Read more here.

Fever Without Fear: Information for Parents

Let's face it, fevers can be scary for parents. When your child is burning up, it can be hard to think straight and make important decisions. Learning what causes fevers and how to treat them will ease your anxiety and help you take control of the situation. Find more information here.

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Supporting the whole family

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Is your family struggling to make ends meet? Could you or someone you know use assistance with paying for utilities, accessing a food pantry, or connecting to job training or employment services? Call 800-886-3952, ext 2. to learn more!

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