Monk of Extreme Laziness

Beware of the Lazy Man

Monk Daily Life Duties

The monk was told everyday to clean, cook, produce wine, Provide medical care for his community, and provide hospitality for the pilgrims. On the other hand, The Monk was super lazy at completing these jobs.

The Monk

The Monk a fat, bald and greasy man who enjoyed going out day to day hunting for food to feed his big greasy mouth. He carried along his greyhound and rode the back of a horse.
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Punishment Time

The Monk was told several times to his daily chores, but they seem to never get done. He was always either hunting or being lazy at his house. A superior was asked to keep a close watch on The Monk, but the monk still continued to do the same thing everyday. The superior was fed up and beat the monk. The monk still would not cooperate so he was separated from the other monks for a long time.
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Welcome Home Monk

After 3 years of being sent away the monk returned back to his village. He had slimmed down a bit and became more aware of what he needed to do. He started to do his chores and even read The bible hundreds of time while being gone. He then took the role of a superior and began to punish the ones who would not cooperate.
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