Teaching Strategies Gold Update

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Change in our timeline

Do you remember what it was like here just 3 months ago? Things were rather chaotic and crazy as we made several changes and moves. It reminds me a bit of the changes in our assessment process. So, let me ease your mind a bit about this latest transition.

In order to make this shift to online assessment, we all need some time to get to know the new program and to learn how to best enter our information. Rather than having everyone rush to get data in this month, I would prefer to give you some extra space to learn to use this tool effectively.

Jeanette has been very helpful in testing out the program and giving us a "heads up" about potential hitches. She discovered the use of the Sandbox to practice and explore the functions without fear of making mistakes. You can find the Sandbox by clicking the Professional Development tab on your home page.

Please don't worry about getting your fall data in by November 22 - that seems to be an unrealistic expectation. Instead, we will use that date as our deadline for getting your students enrolled in the program. You do have the option of using last Spring's evaluation for your Fall checkpoint; however, this year we will use Winter and Spring checkpoints to measure growth.

We have come a long way and I'm excited about the use of this instrument to support our instruction. My goal is to have us proficient with its' use by the end of this school year.