the importance of venice in the renaissance

Venice was a big city for art and trade. Venice was also a big place for cultural diversity. This remarkable city was a big place for the renaissance to start. after the outbreaks of the plague Venice was a hot spot for the renaissance

what is venice known for

a major port of trade, Venice was able to find ready markets for whatever decretive arts Venetian craftsmen could produce. Venice is also known as the floating city because it was built mostly on water. finally venice is known now for its scenery and beautiful landmarks.

famous people

Titian was the most important painter in the venetian school. He was smart and tried new things with painting. He started a brand new kind of painting. Instead of focusing on lines, Titian painted with the importance of the contrast of light and color

history of Venice

Venice is a bunch of islands connected by bridges. Until the mid 19th century you could only get there by boat Venice was hit by numerous outbreaks of the plague in the 15th and 16th century, and engaged in numerous wars. It also had a very stable republican government led by a duke, trade and money, and a location that was a gateway between Europe and Byzantium.