Ben Franklin & the Lighting Rod

By: Maxx Musemeche & Gabe Soileau

What is the Lighting Rod?

The year was 1752 and Benjamin Franklin who at the time was in Philadelphia was on the steeple of Christ Church waiting to finish his experiment, which since 1747 was consisted of experimenting with electricity. Franklin wanted to prove that lightning was electricity. Becoming bored of waiting, Franklin decided to fly a kite with a key attached to it to get close to storm clouds. The key then received an electrical charge which proved that lightning was indeed electricity. Franklin later realized that lightning could be repelled by an iron rod which would be elevated and connected to earth.

Facts about Franklin's Experiment

  • The experiment started in 1749 but was not complete until 1752
  • His laboratory was his house which consisted of machines made of home items
  • The lighting rod was created to help protect people, homes, and business buildings
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