Push and Pull Factors

by Clayton Jones

Religious Persecution

Germany (World War II)

Jews were leaving Germany because they were being persecuted. They were being taken to concentration camps and being killed.

People were immigrating to other European countries around Germany.

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Political Factors

North Korea

The citizens don't have the freedom to do whatever they want. The government controls everything.

There aren't any push factors because the citizens can't leave the country.

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Environmental Factors


In Haiti, there are tons of storms and earthquakes that hit the country. People are moving because of the bad environmental factors.

People from Haiti are moving to South America and the United States because there is better weather.

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Economic Motives


There is a small variety of agriculture. It's a very urban. People are moving out of the country because of economic opportunities.

A lot of Japanese people are moving to the United States because there are a lot of jobs here.

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Forced Migration


Back in the olden days, the Jewish people were kicked out of Israel by the Romans. They were religiously persecuted and forced to migrate.

Jews moved to Poland, Hungary and Italy.

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Ethnic Persecution


The Germans in England were being persecuted. During and before WWII German hatred was at an all time high. The press was demonizing the Germans. During WWII anti- German sentiment were at an all time high. The British royal family were originally from Germany and were advised to change their name, as result the house of saxe -coburg-gotha became the house of Windsor.

Germans from England fled back to Germany.

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