Parent Peek at the Week

Week of January 11th, 2021

A reflection on our first week of virtual learning.....

Well Kawartha Heights families - once again we find ourselves here, working through the challenges of online learning. First and foremost, please know that we all wish we were learning is significantly more challenging for families, and it is for teachers and staff as well. Wherever this journey takes us, we are in it together - and we will continue to do our best to support in all ways we can. In case you missed it - please see the letter attached below.

In the meantime, here are some reflections and thoughts from this past week:

- Learning this time round is different from what it was in the spring. We are connecting and teaching/learning with our students live and throughout the day. We are working to continue the learning process so that we don't have gaps as we did in the spring. Therefore, it's so important that we support you and work to connect with all our students each and every day. If we notice absences, we'll be in touch to see what we can do to help.

- We are taking daily attendance, so please make sure you call in to Safe Arrival if your child is sick, has an appointment, or will be away for any reason.

- Be aware that when your child is involved in synchronous learning, any voices or images in camera and mic range can be seen and heard by all students.

- Like in the classroom, your child’s teacher needs to assess work that is completed independently. It is normal for submitted work to need correcting. These are ‘teachable moments’ and reflect your child’s current development. Teachers will gather all kinds of information about what students know and are able to do as they plan future lessons. Please resist the temptation to jump in and do work "correctly" for your child - our job is to guide them, support them and teach them how to improve.

- Help your child to become as independent as possible in other ways. Our youngest students are quickly able to learn how to mute and unmute themselves. When called upon, they may not know the answer to the teacher’s question, and that’s okay. Feel free to give them encouragement and “think time”, acknowledging that its okay not to have an answer.

- We are going to have struggles and we are going to make mistakes - but that's okay. It's impossible to anticipate all the different things that are going to come our way, how long this might last, and what each of our families needs to be successful. Let's be kind, be patient with each other - and keep in touch. We can work through this together - and our children will thrive along the way.

Please keep in touch - we're here for you!

Mrs. Sampson

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School Council Meeting

This Monday, January 11th is our bi-monthly School Council meeting. Please join us on WebEx if you are able! The agenda is attached below.

The link you need to join is:

Oral Language Resource

Parents of Kindergarten/Grade 1 children - check out this great resource from our Speech and Language Department at the Board Office. It's full of great suggestions on how you can support the oral language development of your child. Check it out!
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Other important tidbits of information.....

1. Technology: If you need technology for one or more of your children, please make sure you complete the following form at your earliest convenience:

Once the form has been submitted, the board office will let us know and will look at how to complete your request.

2. Morning Announcements: Morning announcements are continuing! Some teachers are sharing them with their classes when they meet each morning, but you can check them out too! They can be found at:

3. Tips for Parents: we have hundreds and hundreds of students who have been learning all day online since September - and they have great suggestions and support for us as we join them in this new adventure. Please see the document below, prepared by the board office, with suggestions/tips for parents for online learning. We hope you find this helpful!

One more thing....

Times are tough, there's no other way to put it. But, we want to say......
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