EES Counseling Corner

with Mrs. Hogg

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Hello Eastside students and parents!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I think everyone is settling into their new routines and new normal with great success. Since learning and living are different we need to be aware of our stresses. Mindfulness helps to improve emotional and physical well-being.

Please remember if you have questions or need anything please reach out and I will do my best to help you. Miss you all! Together we are better!!!

Love, Mrs. Hogg

Proud Eastside School Counselor



Some information about the benefits of mindfulness.
Mindfulness exercises to help you focus and feel less stressed.

How to make a Mindfulness or Calming Bottle:

Supplies: Clear plastic bottle, clear glue, warm water, glitter, beads, super glue.

  • Fill a clear plastic bottle with 3 parts clear glue to one part warm water.

  • Secure the lid and shake until glue and water have blended.

  • The children can add glitter, beads, or other slow floating items.

  • Finally, secure the lid with superglue.

Children can then shake the bottles and watch the items in the bottle slowly float to the bottom as they push away other thoughts and focus only on their experience in the moment.

Acts of Kindness Fortune Teller

You can print this out and use it, or the link below this one is a blank template and you can use this as a guide to write it yourself. You may even want to color and draw pictures!!! Have fun!

This is a blank fortune teller template that you can print out and make your own.

“I Am Powerful” Kids for Peace Book Contest

If you are interested in being a part of creating a book please pull up this link and follow the instructions. How cool would that be to have a page in the book! Let me know if you submit a page.


Play dough, stress balls, silly putty anything the students can manipulate for stress will help them. You can make your own stress ball with just a balloon and flour.

Feelings Checklist

Life is different right now, for everyone. Our kids are having to make huge adjustments in their daily school routine and that will bring up some emotions, big emotions.

To help you better understand what your kids are dealing with, Centervention has created a simple emotional check-in worksheet. This feelings check-in asks:

  • How your kids are feeling

  • What are their favorite new activities

  • What they miss

  • And things they are looking forward to

Here are some great ways to help with your child's self-esteem.

15 Fun Learning Activities to Do at Home with Kids

Working through School at Home!

Don't be afraid to "bribe" them

"Some students are self-motivated," said Duke. "But some may need time limits or incentives like, 'You need to finish ABC before you can XYZ.' Not every student is a morning person, but it's much easier to accomplish what you need to first thing, before the whole day slips by, so that's a great case for building incentives into your new routine — just as we encourage our children to eat their vegetables before they can have a slice of cake."Bowen suggests incentives like time with electronics or playtime once schoolwork is complete, and suggests making expectations clear to kids so there's no confusion about what they need to get finished to earn their reward.

"For younger children, a dry erase board, where you can list out all assignments and chores for the day and then check them off as they go, may be most effective," added Bowen.

Go Noodle at Home!

Go noodle is offering resources for families to channel Go Noodle Good Energy at home:


Laughter is a great form of stress relief, and that's no joke.

Start a book with your children.

Leave a joke or some silly memes for your children to look at.

Encourage them to think about the stress-relieving powers of laughter!

Children can brainstorm things that make them laugh and add to the book. This will give them something to turn to when feeling stressed.