Lakeview Middle School

September 4, 2020

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You are invited to...

Join the PTSA on Monday as we get the grounds outside of LVMS ready for students returning to campus! We will gather at 9:00 am around the front door to decorate the sidewalks (using sidewalk chalk) with encouraging messages and inspirational artwork. If you have sidewalk chalk, you can bring it! We will follow all prescribed social distancing instructions, and masks will be required, and we hope to finish before noon. See you there!
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Important Links for Students in the Virtual Learning Pathway

  • LVMS A/B daily schedule. Students should attend Webex Meetings and independently work in 4 classes a day. They no longer have to work in every class, every day. Additional invitations may be sent for sectionals, practices, and/or tutoring.
  • LVMS In Person/Virtual Schedule Side-by-Side
  • LVMS Virtual/Virtual Plus Family Planning Tool. This document helps students plan their learning schedule each week.
  • Skyward Family Access. Find your student's schedule. All students have 9 periods. Period 9 is Advisory. Virtual students do not attend advisory. Essential SEL/Advisory content will be imbedded in other classes. All students have 7 courses. ELA is double-blocked so students will work in ELA every day.
  • Tech Tutorials. Use this presentation to help troubleshoot tech issues throughout the day.

Virtual Learning Pathway Reminder - District Update

On Tuesday, September 8, only in-person (remote) students and virtual plus students with specific classes on campus will return to campus. Students with an all-virtual schedule are required to remain off campus.

Students will remain in their learning pathway until the end of the first nine weeks, which ends Oct. 16. A form to submit a request to change the learning pathway will be made available to all families in the coming weeks. That form will be due on or before Oct. 2 to allow the campus time to process the changes. If you intend for your student to remain in the same learning pathway, no action is required.

It's Cool to be a Leopard Drive-by Celebration & ID Pick-up

Students in the VIRTUAL Learning Pathway are invited to drive through the front driveway to pick up your student IDs and a refreshing popsicle on Wednesday, September 9 from 2-3 PM. Please know, that transfer students and students new to LISD may not have their picture on their ID yet. All IDs will be updated after school pictures for the 2020 school year have been taken.
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Important Links for Students in the In Person Learning Pathway

September 8... Leopard YOUniversity

Leopard YOUniversity is a community building on-boarding program that we specifically design to ensure that our students feel comfortable and learn The Lakeview Way. In fact, Leopard YOU actually began on Friday, September 4. Each class covered topics our students would need to know prior to coming to school. You can review those slides here.

On Tuesday, students will receive specific instruction over the following topics.

  • Social Distancing & Safety Practices - Students will work through scenarios to help them develop the social distancing and hygiene habits of mind that will help keep the campus safe.
  • AP Talk - Administrators will cover campus behavior expectations, lunch procedures, and ways to be outstanding Leopards.
  • Counselor's Corner & Nurse Update - Students will meet the counselors and nurse and learn how they can schedule appointments when they need support.
  • Campus Orientation/Tour - Structured tours will be embedded in our 6th grade classes so that our students can familiarize themselves with the building.
  • Unstoppable Popsicle Party - We'll celebrate a cool first day of in person school with an end of day treat. All Level Orange protocols will be in place, and we will still have fun!
In-Person Learning Guidelines

Want more details? Watch these videos for specifics...

  • Arrival. School begins at 8:55. Students do not need to arrive early unless they are attending tutorials, sectionals, or practices. Students arriving between 8:15-8:45 will report to their Homeroom while they wait for school to begin.
  • Cafeteria & Meals. Grab and go breakfast and lunch will be served daily.
  • Sanitation & Hygiene. Info about these topics at the campus and student level.
  • School Dismissal. Staggered dismissal. Car riders should be picked up by 4:45 each day.

PTSA is a great way to support our students and teachers!

  1. Buy Lakeview spirit wear!
  2. Follow the LVMS PTSA on social media: Facebook!
  3. Nominate someone you know or volunteer to serve on our PTSA Board here!
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Transportation - Busing

Per the Virtual Plus Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), transportation is only available to students in the In Person Learning Pathway.

The bus locator is live for parents to access their specific stops. This information can be accessed at:

The call center for the bus company is set up and can be accessed at (469) 794-0152. The TCSB/LISD Student Transportations Services call center is currently making calls to parents of special needs bus riders to verify information.

Listed below are the current specific points regarding LISD Student Bus Transportation in the operational guidelines for quick reference:

  • Due to the potential flammability of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, LISD will not provide sanitizer on school buses when transporting students. Students may carry personal-sized hand sanitizer on buses and are encouraged to use their own hand sanitizer prior to boarding the school bus in the morning. Campuses will have hand sanitizer available to students prior to boarding school buses in the afternoon.
  • Students will be required to wear facial coverings when on the bus.
  • When possible, windows on the bus will be opened to increase ventilation.
  • Distance between students will be maintained when possible and students will be seated strategically to maintain distance. However, TEA guidance does not require reducing bus capacity.
  • Buses will be cleaned after each route and will undergo thorough disinfection each day.
  • Families are encouraged to drop students off, carpool, or walk with their student to school when possible to reduce virus exposure on buses.

Parent Information for Virtual Learning - District Update sent 8/28/20


We are hearing from many of you that families and students are overwhelmed with completing assignments on a certain timeline. We hope to alleviate some of this stress by taking the following steps:

  • Removing the pacing course map and specific dates for assignments.
  • Students will no longer see a status that indicates if they are behind or ahead. Instead, their status will only indicate that the student is on track.
  • Students will still see a percentage of how much of the course they have completed.
  • The red and green bars will be removed.
  • Families should reference the overall complete percentage for the 9 week grading period, so at the halfway point (4.5 weeks), about 50% of the course should be completed.

We understand that with an online program, it is easy for students to feel pressured to work all day long, and even into the evenings, on assignments. Please hear us say that this is not what we are wanting from our students - this only leads to stress and frustration. Teachers will be working closely with students in the coming weeks to help with time management.


Our priority over the next few weeks is going to be taking care of our students and teachers. Attendance will still be taken as required by the Texas Education Agency, but please know that our teachers will be focused on using the “content meet” schedule provided by campuses to touch base with students to see how they are doing, provide instruction, build relationships, check-in on progress, and answer questions. Additionally, small group, tutoring and intervention time is allotted for the beginning and end of each day during which teachers are available to meet with students.


We have received a lot of feedback about how virtual learning compares to what our remote learning students are experiencing when it comes to synchronous learning (LIVE) time with their teachers. We want you to know we hear you and are taking steps to work more synchronous learning into our students’ daily schedules.


The middle school virtual learning pathway has two schedules that align with each other: a “content meet” schedule and an A/B schedule. To align virtual students’ days more with the in-person learning experience, students should be working in Edgenuity (and Canvas depending on the course) during the same time frames as their A/B Skyward schedule indicates.

Similar to the in-person schedule, students are only required to work on four classes per day and meet with teachers according to their “content meet” schedule. They are not required to be working on all eight classes every day. If their schedule allows, students can work in more than four classes during a day, however, it is important to note that only working on content for four classes per day will help students not get overloaded.

With all of this in mind, we have created an example weekly schedule that you and your student can complete together on a weekly basis to help with time management. We have also created an A/B calendar to show A-days and B-days for the year.

As we continue to work through the challenges we are facing, please know we are dedicated to providing the best education possible to our students, no matter the learning pathway. Our teachers, principals, and virtual pathway administrators are here to help and want to work through your concerns. We will get through these first few weeks together, and look forward to smoother days ahead with our students.

Free/Reduced Lunch Application

Complete the Free/Reduced Lunch application here. Families must apply for free/reduced lunch each year.

Will my child still be eligible to receive meals if they are participating in virtual learning?

Yes. LISD Child Nutrition is committed to meeting the nutrition needs of all LISD students, regardless of in-person or virtual learning accommodations. Virtual learning students may pick up meals as described above.

When schools open for in-person learning, meal options will be offered in the cafeterias at all LISD campuses. Students who continue to participate in virtual learning will still be able to pick up grab & go, curbside meals at the 21 sites previously listed. The number of curbside meal distribution sites may be modified to accommodate student needs.

Counseling, Mental Health, and Social Emotional Learning

All campus staff will be trained in Trauma Informed Care, Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Awareness. LISD utilizes researched based curricula to teach social emotional skills. All students have access to campus counselors who are trained in social, emotional and mental health concerns. LISD has specialized mental health counselors to support students with higher needs.

LISD Back to School Self-Care S'More

LISD COVID-19 Web Page

For district-provided information about 2020-21 return to school learning options, visit