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Weekly Newsletter - October 2nd, 2016

College here, College there, College Everywhere: Creating a College Going Mindset

According to the College Board, “A college-going culture builds the expectation of postsecondary education for all students—not just the best students. It inspires the best in every student, and it supports students in achieving their goals.” LEHS is committed to providing our students with opportunities to explore post-secondary choices. Recently DECA (a student marketing association) hosted the LEHS Annual College Fair. Over 100 colleges were available to visit with students about their admission requirements and courses of study. LEHS is also blessed to have a dedicated College and Career Advisor. Her name is Mrs. Keisha Brown. She has planned many activities for students and parents to learn about the college admission process. Be sure to check out her webpage on our website here. Below are just some of the ways LEHS is creating a college going culture:

1) College themed activities such as a town hall meeting led by Texas Tech admissions representatives for all 11th and 12th grade students.

2) AVID (currently implemented at Hackberry, Brent, Powell, Lakeside, and LEHS) - AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a school-wide transformation effort focused on leadership, systems, instruction, and culture, and is designed to increase the number of students who enroll and succeed in higher education and in their lives beyond high school. The AVID College Readiness System is the only elementary through higher education instructional system (K–16), which allows for regional alignment that strengthens student potential for completion.

3) Picture Your Selfie at College posters – picturing recent LEHS graduates at their chosen college

4) College Fairs – Large comprehensive fair in the fall organized by DECA attended by all students 9-12 and smaller fair in the spring organized by Mrs. Brown during lunches.

5) FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Workshops – next workshop is Tuesday, October 4, at the LEHS lecture hall at 6:30 PM.

6) Contest, Early Bird 30, for the first 30 seniors who submit their acceptance letter for college to Mrs. Brown. Students will be treated to lunch with Mrs. Pentecost, Dr. Strike, and Mrs. Brown.

7) Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement classes where students can earn college credit while in high school.

8) Naviance – a tool for academic planning which is critical to helping students achieve long-term success by aligning their interests with their chosen path. Naviance keeps students focused on their objectives by helping students create course plans that not only match students’ interests but also fulfill graduation requirements and align to postsecondary goals.

9) Public recognition of seniors who have been accepted to college and received financial aid offers and scholarships. Bulletin boards on the main concourse across from the library.

10) Freshman College Tour – October 19 while 10th and 11th grade students are taking PSAT freshmen will be touring 6 local colleges. This is the first edition of this tour and we hope this becomes a tradition that students from K-8 look forward to. Students will visit SMU, TCU, UNT, Texas Wesleyan, Austin College, and Texas A & M Commerce. Students will receive a commemorative t-shirt, see an admissions presentation, take a tour of the campus, and eat lunch on campus. This will be a first look at what college is all about for our freshmen. **Field trip forms and $10 for lunch is due to Mrs. Brown in the library by Wednesday morning.

11) PSAT – Our campus pays for all 10th and 11th grade students to take the PSAT. When you think about the PSAT, you probably think of it as a pre-SAT. While the PSAT is a great primer for the SAT (and even the ACT), it's way more than just a trial run for the real thing. More than 3.4 million high school students (mostly juniors and sophomores) take this nationwide, multiple-choice test every year. The PSAT (which stands for Preliminary SAT) won’t count towards your college admissions applications, but it is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship. This means that some of the highest scoring students may win scholarship money, so while you shouldn’t stress out about the PSAT, you certainly shouldn’t ignore it either. Instead, use the PSAT as practice for the SAT and ACT and one of the starting points on your college admissions journey. FREE PSAT practice is available at Khan Academy which can be found here.

12) TWU GO Center – Once a week TWU sends college students to LEHS to assist students with the college application process. Click here to read a recent article on this partnership with TWU.

These are just some of the ways that Little Elm High School is providing a culture where students know that college is not only a dream but with our help it can become their reality.

Renee Pentecost


Little Elm High School


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Drivers Education Program Coming January 2017

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A driver’s education course will be offered this January at Little Elm High School, starting on January 9. It will include classroom and behind the wheel instruction. Successful completion of the course will enable the student to apply for their driver’s license. Enrollment will be limited so it will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Classroom instruction will be before school at 7:30am at Little Elm High School. The driving instruction will be on a schedule of your choosing and will originate at LEHS. More details to follow. Students must be 15 years of age or older as of January 31st and eligible for a VOE (Verification of Enrollment) certificate based on school attendance to enroll. Fee for the class is $400 cash or money order made out to Little Elm High School. Interested individuals will need to submit completed application and payment to Kathy Thompson, Principal’s Secretary. Detailed registration dates coming soon. Contact Coach Chad Cousins at with any questions.

Bubbles in AP Biology

Bubbles make a great stand in for cell membranes. They’re fluid, flexible, and can self-repair. Bubbles and cell membranes are alike because their parts are so similar. In this lab the students carried out 6 different processes to illustrate 6 different concepts of cell membranes...and had a BLAST doing it!

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Bubbles in AP Biology
Bubbles AP Biology 2


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LETV Episode 1- September 26, 2016
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During this school year, Little Elm High School is wanting to be a part of the “Go Green” Initiative by constructing a campus greenhouse and compost center. The project is being started by LEHS AP Environmental Science students, along with collaborative help from the CTE Department. Our goal is to have this project happen concurrently with the proposed school renovations that will begin taking place this year, and be ready for the 2017-2018 school year. For this plan to be a huge success, we will need all of the help we can get.

Our vision is to grow our own fruits, vegetables, herbs and fresh flowers to give back to the community. We will have a Culinary Arts Department next year at LEHS, and would love to be able to provide them with fresh produce to use for their program. We would also love to grow foods to supply to the Little Elm Food Bank. For this plan to be a huge success, we will need all of the help we can get. Whether you greatly care for the environment, want to build a resume for college, or get community service hours, this is a great project to take part in. Donations can be accepted through our GoFundMe page, and we will also graciously accept non-monetary donations of volunteer time, or greenhouse supplies such as fertilizer, soil, seedlings, planters, tools, etc. If you have any questions or want to volunteer contact Mrs. Ramirez at .

PSAT DAY INFORMATION - Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

Lobos, PSAT Day is right around the corner and we've got a lot planned for that day! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 19th.

Seniors (Class of 2017) - You will have the opportunity to either take the ASVAB that day, or participate in our first ever College Application Blitz. If you'd like to take the ASVAB, you will be able to sign up through CTE classes on Oct. 3rd. If you are not in a CTE class, then please see Mrs. Heller in room 1200 to sign up. If you do not sign up for the ASVAB, then you will participate in a college application blitz. Counselors and mentors from the Go Center will be on hand to help you fill out a college application, start your FAFSA, work on career interest surveys, and other college and career prep.

Juniors (Class of 2018) - You will be taking the PSAT. This is the year that counts, so be prepared to do your best. Get lots of rest and eat a good breakfast because taking the PSAT can lead to scholarships and can qualify you to be a National Merit Scholar. If you didn't receive a PSAT Student Guide, please stop by room 1200. The Student Guide has lots of information about the PSAT and includes a full-length practice test.

Sophomores (Class of 2019) - You will also be taking the PSAT. Please bring a scientific or graphing calculator from home as we do not have enough to provide them to the sophomores on test day. Please stop by room 1200 if you didn't receive the PSAT Student Guide.

Freshmen (Class of 2020) - You have the opportunity to attend LEHS's first annual Freshman College Tour. You will be split into groups of 50 to spend the day at various local college campuses. The cost is $10, which covers the cost of your lunch in the college dining hall. Field trip forms can be picked up from your 3rd period teacher or house office. Please return them to Mrs. Brown in the library (before or after school) by Wednesday, Oct. 5th. Mrs. Brown needs them by 8:45 AM on Oct. 5th!! Late forms will NOT be accepted. If you do not turn in your form and money by Oct. 5th, you will not be able to participate. Also, you need to be in good standing with your house office, as far as discipline and attendance, in order to be eligible to go.


Little Elm High School,

High school students who are 16 years of age or older have the opportunity to participate in the electoral process by serving as election workers at the polling place on Election Day. Some of the benefits of serving as an election worker are:

· Election workers are paid for their service while serving their community and state.

· Students will gain practical experience which can be an impressive addition to a resume or college application.

What are the Responsibilities of an Election Worker?

• Organizing the polling place before the polls open; checking in and processing voters.

• Explaining the use of the voting equipment & providing instructions and assistance to voters.

•Bilingual students-assisting with basic interpretation for Spanish speaking voters.

What are the Required Qualifications of an Election Clerk?

• Be at least 16 years old on Election Day; be a U.S. citizen;

• Be enrolled in a public, private, or qualified home school;

• Have consent of his/her parent or legal guardian to work the election;

• Have consent of his/her school principal (or parent/legal guardian for home-schooled students)

• Complete any required election worker training program.

For more information on how your students can become an Election Clerks, please see the attached flyer, have them visit our website, or call (972) 349-3226.

Thank you,

Wandaliz Elder

Community Outreach Coordinator

Denton County Elections



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Student Athlete Leadership Council Serving Treats to the Staff

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Fall Team Tennis Information

Hello. This is the first year that our tennis team has participated in fall "team" tennis.

A little background: Fall tennis is played as a team sport. For example, we played RL Turner this past Tuesday evening. Our top 6 girls played their top 6 girls in both doubles and singles, our top 6 boys played their top 6 boys in both doubles and singles, and then we played 1 mixed (boy and girl partner) doubles match. We left Tuesday winning all 19 matches thus winning the overall match against RL Turner.

Well, we play Lake Dallas on Tuesday HERE. If we are able to win we will undoubtably clinch a playoff spot! So, if you'd like to come out Tuesday, show your support and help us make the playoffs it would be much appreciated! First matches generally go on at 4:15 or so and we finish the last match around 8.

All the credit goes to EVERYONE on the team. They've worked hard to get here. Drano and I couldn't be more proud. Thanks!

Stephen Roth

Algebra II/Onramps Pre-Cal Teacher and Tennis Caoch

Requesting a Verification of Enrollment (VOE)

Applications to request VOE's have been placed on the Little Elm High School website under the "Students" tab. If a student needs to request a VOE, please have them fill out this form. Click Here to go directly to the form.


Lobos, have you ever heard the expression the early bird gets the worm? Well here at LEHS the early bird gets the lunch! Mrs. Brown is kicking off a new contest where the first 30 seniors who turn in at least 1 college acceptance by October 30 will be invited to a special lunch with campus and district administrators including our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Strike. If you have been accepted to a college, make sure and give Mrs. Brown a copy of the acceptance letter!

Keisha Brown

College and Career Readiness

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UC Berkeley's Chemistry Internship for High School Students

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The College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley will be offering a unique program for high school students (grades 9-12) who are passionate about learning and doing scientific research in chemistry, biochemical engineering, material science, or related fields, and who are focused on maximizing their future success in college. Please go to our website for more information or click here for our brochure.

To Apply:

Please fill out the remote coaching and internship application found here. We will be accepting applications until all laboratory spots are filled. Please submit this application form and required documents to Please submit application fee and initial deposit to Ambridge (payment instructions are found on page 2 of the application).

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  • 8/30 Prosper at Little Elm
  • 9/06 Little Elm at The Colony
  • 9/13 Little Elm at Newman Smith
  • 9/20 Creekview at Little Elm
  • 9/27 Little Elm at RL Turner
  • 10/4 Lake Dallas at Little Elm
  • 10/11 Little Elm at McKinney North
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