Social Phobia Disorder

By Joey L.


Social Phobia is a type of anxiety problem. It makes people have extreme feelings of shyness and self-consciousness and is driven by the power of fear. People feel uncomfortable and unable to participate in everyday social activities.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of social phobia or sometimes known as social anxiety or anxiety disorder is that people with it try to stay away from as many social situations as possible. People with this have extreme shyness and are very self-conscious about themselves. People with this have fears of embarrassment and usually dislike social activities very much.

Affects of Social Phobia

The affects on people who have social anxiety/phobia involve things to do with social interaction. People try to avoid all social activity with strangers and people they don't know and try to stay with family and friends exclusively. People with this have a fear reaction or fight or flight and makes simple harmless things such as regular social interaction seem very dangerous and makes adrenaline pump up to the point of fighting or a quick get away. This can make things get into the way of everyday life for the person affected by it and the people around them. It can also make people feel depressed or disappointed over missed opportunities of friendship.


Possible human genes, shy role models such as parents and experiences can all lead to social phobia and are the most likely cause for it. Role models who are shy or try to avoid social interaction may set a bad example in which the child will than learn. The genetic makeup can also be a cause for it from inherited traits from a parent can also be a cause for social phobias.


Overcoming Social Phobia comes in small steps of trying to be more courageous and comfortable when meeting new people, and their shyness and fear begins to go away, and thoughts of potential fun begins to overthrow self doubt. People who can help you get through social phobia are therapists and family or friends to help you get over social phobia.

Extra Facts

Social Phobia is the third largest mental disorder in the world