Savage Fortress

Based of the book by Sarwat Chadda

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Savage Fortress, Coming to a Theater Near You

They thought they were living a normal life. He thought that it was just a boring seven-week trip. They thought wrong.

Ash Mistry and his little sister Lucky find that there is more to what goes along with mythology than what meets the eye. In India, they go through an epic journey packed with secrets, fear, danger, and death that is worthy of Kali- the goddess of destruction. And when slaying rakshasas, it’s good to have the slayer of demons on your side. Starting near the old kings palace, this fight goes past the old maharaja’s palace and finds its way everywhere, even into ancient past with Rama- the king of India a long time ago. With the help of their new friends, Parvati and Rishi, will Ash and Lucky be able to stop the worst enemy of all- Ravana, king of the demons?

Ash Mistry

He was first a thirteen year old boy from London with little self-confidence.

Now, he was a brave, selfless, and a frightening opponent with marma-adi, the death touch, in his side.

Lucky Mistry

A 10 year old girl who has seen and gone through so much. She is very close with her brother, Ash and really depends on him. But before her life got turned upside down, she was a happy and playful little girl.

Uncle Vik

Ash and Lucky's uncle, who is a proud, loyal, and protective. He also has a passion for Harappan, an ancient Indian language. He get's mixed up with Savage because of that passion, and is asked to help Savage with an excavation, or dig for historical items.


A rakshasa, or shape-shifting demon, who goes from venomous cobra to man slaying girl with a deadly serpent sword called a urumi by her side. She has a conflicted past, with her father being Ravana. But in the present, she is a cool, collected, brave, and powerful girl. She also has fangs and green eyes.

Lord Savage

Merciless, heartless, and greedy, he is a man who has learned enough black magic to have rakshasas obeying him. He now turns those traits and his army against Ash so he can take the golden arrowhead back. This arrowhead is an aastra, a weapon made by a god and holds great and unique powers.


A 67 year old saddhu, or monk, who is known and respected by many. He has a kind and trusting soul, but still is very powerful. He has dreadlocks down to his waist and served as a general in Rama's army.