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1) It is practiced in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Trinidad, Mauritius, Suriname, South Africa, Kenya, U.K., Canada and USA.

2) Mahavira was the founder

3) They believe in the divinity of the four Vedas

4) Its scared text is The Veda, Bhagavad Gita

5) The sacred site is Hindus consider it a sacred duty to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges River. This ritual cleanses the bathers mind and spirit.

6) sacred symbol- om or Aum symbol

7) sacred days- Festival of holi, in spring; Diwali, or Deepavali ( festival of lights) in autumn

8) how many people believe- 828,000,000

9) Are men and women treated different- yes women have to cover their faces

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1) Most popular in the U.S

2) founder- Jesus

3) Beliefs- Believed there is only one god

4) sacred text- The Bible

5) sacred sites- Bethlehem, Jerusalem

6) Sacred symbol- Cross

7) Sacred days- Christmas, December 25th, Easter, in the spring

8) total- 6.9 billion

9) No the men and Women aren't treated differently

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1) popular in- mostly China

2) Founder- Kong Oui

3) Beliefs- Confucian ethical teachings

4) Sacred text- The Analects

5) Sacred Sites- Confucian Temple

6) Sacred symbol- Yin-yang

7) Sacred days- Teachers day, in August or September

8) total- 5,000,000

9) yes women are treated different.

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1) Most popular- India

2) Founder- Siddhartha Gautama

3) Beliefs- reborn after dying

4) Sacred text- The Pali Canon

5) Sacred site- Bodhgaya

6) Sacred symbol- Lotus flower

7) Sacred days- Buddha day, celebrated at the full moon in may

8) Total 200-500 billion

9) yes they are treated differently

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1) MIddle east, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan

2) founder- Muhammad

3) Beliefs- No god but believe in Allah

4) Sacred text- Qur'an

5) Sacred site- Macca

6) Sacred symbol- Crescent moon

7) Sacred days- Fast of ramadan, during the entire first month of the Islamic year

8) 1.6 billion

9) yes they are treated different

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1) Most Popular- China

2) Founder- Lao Tzu

3) Belief- Ethical teaching

4) Sacred text- Tao Te Chang

5) sacred sites- dia temple

6) sacred symbol- yin- yang

7) Sacred days- December 21st-23rd (the time of the winter solstice)

8) total- 2,700,000

9) yes

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1) Most popular- U.S.

2) Founder- Abraham

3) Beliefs- 13 principles of faith

4) Sacred Text- The torah

5) Sacred sites- Jerusalem

6) Sacred symbol- Star of david

7) sacred days- Passover, in spring, Hanukkah, in late autumn or winter

8) Total- 14,500,000

9) Depends

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1) Most popular- India

2) founder- Guru nanak dev

3) beliefs- there is one god

4) sacred text -Guru Granth sahib

5) sacred sites-Golden temple

6) sacred symbol- khanda

7 sacred days- Guru Nanak's Birthday (usually in November)

  1. Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday (end December or early January)
  2. The Birthday of the Khalsa (mid-April)
  3. Guru Arjan's Martyrdom (usually in June)
  4. Guru Teg Bahadur's Martyrdom (usually in October

8) total 23,800,000

9) yes

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1) Most popular - Japan

2) Founder-Shinki

3) beliefs- Sacred or divine beings

4) Sacred text Kojiki

5) sacred sites- Itsuku/ shinto

6)Sacred symbol- Torri gate

7) sacred says- shinto new years, adults day, festival of the dolls ,

8)total- 2,700,001

9) no

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1) Most popular- india

2) founder- no founder

3) beliefs- all things have a spirit or soul

4) Sacred text- no sacred text

5) Sacred sites- By a tree

6) sacred symbol- Athiest camel

7) sacred days- none

8) 232 million

9) No