How to use and the advantages/disadvantages

How to use Prezi The Main 5 parts

1. Creating your account

Sign up and click "new prezi" to start making a presentation

2. Plan the presentation

・Sketch out your concept

・Think of main points

・Think of the order to zoom in

・Choose the amount of space for your canvas

3. Making your presentation

・Choose a template

・Add text, images etc

4. Creating a path

Edit the order to zoom in.

5. Present your Prezi (This is the website we used)

For details, please go to the learn & support of the website of Prezi


Advantage 1: It is free and web based

Since it is web based, both windows and Mac are applicable to Prezi

Advantage 2: Links text and images to movement


Can easily create and share slides for public view


Disadvantage 1: Web based

Cannot be used where there is no internet connection

Disadvantage 2: Lacks the aug correct feature