Autumn newsletter

the body, the weather, Halloween and the days of the week

Hi everybody

We always start our English Lab with a Hello song...
We All Clap Hands Together-Kidzone
Next we ask each other "How are you?" I am fine! I am happy! I am Tired!

Next we look outside at the weather...


The songs are very important at the start of the lesson to get everyone on the same energy level!

This Autumn we are singing movement songs and learning parts of the body. You can print the flashcards on the Super Simple Songs website if you want a fun way to help your child learn the words.

Open, Close!
One Little Finger | Super Simple Songs
Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Learn It)
Looby Loo Sing-A-Long


We also enjoyed a mini project about Halloween.

We learnt these words...

ghost, pumpkin, spider, bat, vampire, witch

Spooky, scary,

go away!

This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin | Super Simple Songs
Go Away! | Fun Song for Children

Days of the Week

We are now learning the days of the week and we have created actions for each day of the week...

Monday - like a moon - make a crescent moon with your hand

Tuesday - like number two - hold up two fingers

Wednesday - make a W with your hands

Thursday - remember to make a 'th' sound. Put your tongue between your teeth

Friday - fry some chips in a pan

Saturday - like Saturn - make a ring with your hands

Sunday - like the sun - make a sun shape by holding your hands above your head.

In England Monday is considered the first day of the week and Sunday is the last, but in the majority of songs on Youtube you'll find Sunday is the first day.

Days of the Week clap clap!) [to the tune of the Addams Family]
Days of the Week Song


After singing our songs, we play a card game. This helps us to learn simple vocabulary and phrases...

It's my turn

It's your turn

Let's play

Turn over the card

Have you got a...?

Throw the dice



Here are some games we have played this Autumn...

I am a big fan of Orchard Toys

These are used in British schools. They are very educational and beautifully illustrated.


Sometimes we play games with homemade flashcards. Try making your own too...


After playing a game we have a calm, origami activity. this month we have made pumpkins, vampires, a boy's face, a wolf face, a door and a room decoration.
Big image

Why origami?

Origami teaches children to listen to instructions in English and to follow them - listen and do. This sensory approach called TPR (Total Physical Response) is very effective and builds confidence.

Origami improves concentration and memory - these are important skills for language learning.

Origami is calming, quiet and creative.

We can learn a lot of new vocabulary about colours, shapes, animals, objects,

Origami also helps to develop hand-eye coordination, precision, observation and fine motor skills - all necessary skills for elementary school age children.

Sticker books

Each child has a little English passport - a book where I can put stickers and smiley faces to reinforce good behaviour during the lesson.

Coming Soon

Night and day, Christmas

Big image

In Italiano

I nostri progetti per Autunno sono stati:

le parti del corpo


i giorni della settimana

Abbiamo esplorato questi argomenti con l'uso delle canzoni, i balli, i giochi con le carte e poi le attività manuali di origami.

Per Novembre e Dicembre vedremo due argomenti... 'Night and Day' - Giorno e notte e poi la magia del Natale.

Have Fun Bye!