Clarke Class Halloween Party

Thursday 2-3pm at the Classroom

The Scoop on Our First Party

The kiddos are so excited about our first class party and so are we!
We have an action-packed hour in store:
  • Craft Activities
  • Halloween Bingo
  • Games
  • Non-Food Treats
  • A Class Team-Building Relay!

Reminder: it will be PAJAMA DAY - no costumes please per school policy.

We could use your support:
  • We're looking for 4 parent volunteers
  • We need 20 toilet paper rolls
  • Newspapers (scarecrow stuffing)
  • 2 Dad-size flannel or plaid shirts (for our scarecrows)
  • Halloween stickers

Please let us know if you're able to help!

Reply back or contact us at:

Tiffany Golden 760.310.4246

Vickie Hawkins 630-251-3300


Tiffany & Vickie

Your Room Moms