Interviewing With Robert

Good afternoon, how is your day Robert?

We are welcoming you today in our show. You are going to be asked some questions today.

Q.Are you working your hardest to be MVP?

A.Yes because my family needs this money. We need this money more than anything.

Q. Where do you live?

A. I've been living in Houston all my life.

Q. Has there been any adversity in Houston lately?

A. Yes, thier has been a flood in Houston. What did you do and eat while thier was a flood? I stayed on top of my house for a very long time and I had to eat a snake.

Q. Do you want to stay alive and do you try your hardest to stay alive?

A. Yes because im just 14 and I want to live a life with a family. And yes I do try my hardest to stay alive.

Q. Robert do you really want to be leader?

A. I do but if someone wants to be leader I will let them.

Q. Where do you think the cameras are?

A. I'm thinking that thier in are buttons of are shirt. I dont think thier is a camera crew.

Q. Do you think Andrew is a hero for saving the pony?

A. Yes because if we didn't keep him we or someone would of starved.

Q. Who do you think will become a trader out of the four?

A. I'm thinking it is Billy because he will lose control and take food that we need.

Q. How do you feel about Antarctica with snow and you haven't seen snow?

A. I think that it will be amazing and I will learn something.

Q. How do you feel about the other four?

A. I feel good about all of them eccept Billy. He is a eater and if we run out of food we will starve. And the others work harder and harder.