Candidate for Beaufort County Council, District 7

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  • LEADERSHIP: As a business owner and civic leader, I know what it means to lead people and get things done. I have professional relationships with members of county councils, town councils, and educational administrators. I will work with all to solve ongoing problems and communication issues, which will lead to progress for the citizens of Beaufort County.

  • COMMUNITY: Resident of Beaufort County since 1996, all 4 children graduated from Beaufort County public schools; President of Bluffton Rotary Club; former Board of Directors Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce; former SIC President at McCracken Middle School; Bluffton Regional Business Council Member of the Year 2016; Sponsor of high school football and basketball 5 consecutive years; Commissioner 2014 Beaufort County Capital Improvements Sales Tax Commission; Member of Newspring Church.

  • CONSERVATIVE: I am a Christian constitutional conservative, meaning my Christian values are the most important thing to me. I am a constitutionalist and believe that the Constitution is the bread and butter of our existence in this great nation. I am a Conservative who believes that we need less government in our lives and in our business; the government needs to spend less money and the public needs to be taxed less.

  • GROWTH: I support slow, steady growth while maintaining the lifestyle we all have. More importantly, we need to be vigilant stewards of our natural resources such as the May River and its estuaries, our beautiful flora and fauna, and our clean water. We are at a time in this county where we must not only “think outside the box”, but we must “act outside the box”. We need aggressive, smart people to lead us in the right direction.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY: The most important thing any public official can do is maintain or improve the safety of the public. I have professional relationships with the Sheriff’s department and several municipal police agencies, and will continue to work with them to keep safety as a high priority.

Vote in the Primary on June 14th

I will work hard for the people of Beaufort County and I appreciate your support!


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