Mrs. Close's Math News

Sunday, February 2, 2020

The kids have been busy adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. The newest learning was that when subtracting mixed numbers, sometimes the first mixed number in the equation needs to be renamed in order to subtract with ease. For example 4 2/5 – 2 3/5….4 2/5 can be renamed to 3 7/5. That strategy allows the student to subtract wholes and then subtract the fractions. During the coming week, line plots, rotations and iterations of angle measures, symmetry, and the February CML will be our work! If you’re wondering, “where is the long division?” Here is a snap shot of the remaining units:

Unit 6 – Division & Angles

Unit 7 – Multiplication of a Fraction by a Whole Number & Measurement

Unit 8 – Fraction Operations & Applications