Hotel for Dogs

Cameron Bonney


The theme of this book is, that know matter what people tell you if you belive you can achive.


This book is about a brother and sister who go to live with thier aunt. Bruce and Andi notice a kid named Jerry abuse hid dog rover. Next Bruce hears a rumor that Jerry broke windows at a abandon house and checks it out. Then Andi sees a stray and can't keep her. The stray gets in the house with out the family knowing. The next day the kid steal rover and scare jerry into not wanting rover. the kids start to store dogs in the abandoned house and thier partents find out when they go to buy the house.


Bruce is a smart , strong, handy. He is a 11 year old with brown hair and and he's a photographer.


Andi is a smart, kind,funny brown haired girl who is 13, and she is a poet


The conflict was that there was so many stray dogs. how the conflict was resolved by bruce and andi stored the stray dogs in the abandoned house. they scared jerry to save a dog who was a prestray.they got jobs to pay for the dogs. And they found good homes for the stray dogs.