Cell Organelles

by: kayla

cell wall

The cell wall is a rigid layer that lays outside of the cell membrane. It protects the cell from injury. ex: security guard

cell membrane

The cell membrane controls what molecules pass in and out of the cell. ex: a doorman


The nucleus is very important it holds DNA, it also directs most of the activity in the cell. ex: the mayor


The cytoplasm is the liquid that fills, the liquid is a jelly type liquid the cell so that all of the parts to the cell do not just float around. It also maintains the internal pressure of the cell. ex: like a deflated balloon.


The ribosome is also important because it creates the proteins that the cells need, they can be found in the ER or floating around in the cytoplasm. ex: small factories


The "mighty mitochondria" produces the energy for the cell called ATP which fules most action in the cell. ex: power plant


The vacuole stores the water inside the cell. ex: a pool


The chloroplast converts the suns rays into energy the cell can use. ex: solar power plant

endoplasmic reticulum

The endoplasmic reticulum makes the proteins. ex: factory complex

cell theory

There are three parts to the cell theory.

-all living things are made up of one or more cells

-all cells are created from pre-existing cells

-cells carry out the functions needed to support life

the body organization

cell>tissue>organ>organ system>organism

prokaryotic and eukaryotic

eukaryotic has a nucleus

prokaryotic does not