with geometry! By Haley(epic)Hughes

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Well, I'm not the absolute BEST at math, but I am pretty good at it. I don't really have anything else to say, but I want to say one more thing!!!!!!! I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!

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Acute, Obtuse, Right, and Straight

Acute angles measure LESS than 90 degrees.

Obtuse angles are MORE than 90 degrees.

Right angles are EXACTLY 90 degrees.

Straight angles are EXACTLY 180 degrees.

Watch these videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing measurements!!!

Classify missing angles!!

Triangle angles always add up to 180 degrees.

Quadrilateral angles always add up to 360 degrees.


There are 5 quadrilaterals.

The square has 4 congruent sides and angles.

The rectangle has 2 pairs of congruent sides and 4 congruent angles.

The parallelogram has 2 pairs of parallel sides and 2 pairs of congruent angles.

The trapezoid has ONLY 1 pair of parallel sides and 2 pairs of congruent sides.

The rhombus's sides are all congruent and and opposite angles are congruent.

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