The Long Road To Freedom &Liberty

Fight For German Unity

East Germany - The DDR

After World War 2 Germany was divided in an east and west part since 1949.
The west part was called "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" (BRD) and the east part was called "Deutsche Demokratische Republik" (DDR) with a communistic and dictatorial leadership.
The party which ruled the DDR was named Sozialistische einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED) - socialist unity- party of Germany.
The two parts were seperated with a big border and all the people in East Germany were catched like in Prison.

Life and People in the DDR

People were under pressure all the time. Strict rules and control were a part of everyday life. Cameras and spies were everywhere, also their own family members mutated to enemies. Nobody was able to trust eachother and the best thing to do was to do and say nothing "wrong". If the "Police" heard something bad about one person, he could not perform live like a normal person anymore. The person had to go directly to prison or was followed all day long.

In addition to this the inhabitants of the DDR had a lot other limitations.
1. They were not allowed to leave the country
2. They had less food avaiable
3. No freedom of press
..... and infinite more restrictions.

The Way to Freedom and Liberty

The people wanted to finish off with all the discrimination and undeserved punishment.
They went out of their houses and made the famous peaceful demonstration in Leipzig 1989. People were shouting all the time the same sentence. : "Wir sind das Volk!" - "We are the nation!". At the same time all the people put a uncountable number of candles in their windows and all that happend without any violence.
But also some people were able to flee to Prague and on this way back to west Germany.
In addition to this factors, also the 3 victorious powers from the west ( France, America and the UK ) had a lot of influence.
The government was not able to deal with the situation, everything was too much and so they decided to open the border.

The Opening Of The Border

Die Öffnung der Mauer in Berlin, Bornholmer Strasse, 1989