Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Introduction To The Dodgers

A century after 1890, the Dodgers had become one of baseball's best managed and most successful franchises with a model ballpark.They would be known as the Robins before settling officially on the Dodgers in 1933.The Dodgers earned the nickname the ''Daffiness Boys''and kept them beloved in Brooklyn.In 1950,they lost the pennant to the Phillies on the last day of the season.The only black cloud darkening the franchise's door was the team's historical lack of success in the World Series.

Awards Won

The Dodgers were the first major league team to produce 5 consecutive rookie of the year awards.The Dodgers continued to win through the 1970's going to the World Series in 1974,1977,and 1978.In 1949,the Dodgers won their third pennant of the decade.In 1941,the Dodgers put all silliness aside and won another pennant.They led the National league in victories in 1924,and topped the league in strikeouts for seven consecutive seasons.
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