Black Mambas

By:Bo White

Do you know the Black Mamba. If you do then you half to habitat know it’s behavior it’s habitat and it’s food


The black mamba has a threatening pose. They attack whenever they are cornord.They will also attack when it is felling thretind.Black Mambas will warn you to stay back before attaking.Black Mambas are born with venom and enough to kill a human if bittin right.This is so the Black Mamba canpertect it’s self immediately wen it’s born

Big image
A Black Mamba looking at its prey before it strikes

What Black Mambas eat

Black mambas eat small animals like sqwerlls and many others. Also rodents and small birds. A Black Mamba kills it’s prey before swolllowing it’s prey hole.A Black Mamba kills it’s prey by bitting it with it’s fangs.the fangs of a Black Mamba are the most forword pointing fangs of any species of snakes this makes their venom deliver more deadly.

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A man showing a Black Mambas fangs


Black mambas live in rain forest or in grass lands and rockey lands.Black mambas live in southern and eastern and a little bit north australia.Black Mambas live where they can keep their babies safe and warm.Black Mambas also live where they can find food.

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Black Mamba sneaking up on its prey

Vocabulary Word


  • Threatening

  • To say or act like you are going to hurt or harm something or someone.

  • Vocabulary Word #2


    • Deadly

    Causing or tending to cause death.

    I hope you liked the Black Mamba.Black Mambas are really cool animals don’t you think.Oh by the way if you want to lean more go to www.Encyclopedia brittanica.

    Fun Fact

    Did you know for certain reasons Black mambas are one of the deadliest snakes in the world!

    Fun Fact

    Did you know black mambas are not named after it’s color of it’s scales it is named after the color of it’s mouth!

    Fun Fact

    Did you know that black mambas can live in trees!