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The issue of whether or not capital punishment- the death penalty- is necessary has been surrounded by controversy for years. But rest assured, the death penalty is, in fact, necessary, and we'd like to show you a few reasons why.

What are the benefits of the death penalty?

  • An example is made to make people less willing to commit extreme crimes. Criminals' lawyers argue in favor of life in prison rather than the death penalty, so the death penalty must be more of a deterrent. The death penalty is a tool to preserve law and order.
  • It can be considered more humane- the death is quick, in comparison to wasting away for years in prison.
  • Ending one life saves many in the long run- some studies have shown that an execution can lead to a significant drop in murders- by approximately 74- by the next year.
  • Executing removes a "social and financial burden"; there's less prisoners to deal with and it's possible for victims to find closure.
  • Though it seems that executing a criminal rather than condemning them to LWOP (life without parole) costs more up front, it can save up to $3.6 million in the long run.


Locking up criminals only hides the problem temporarily!

  • criminals can escape
  • criminals can get their sentences lessened (unfairly!)
  • criminals can be bailed out
  • Murderers will run free on the streets!

Is this really what you want?