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What do you think about Gmail?

"Gmail is a helpful tool that enables us to send an email to completely different places"

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How to use it ?

"Compose" to send a mail to someone.

From the list, white-highlighted one is the unread mail.

Gray-highlighted one is read mail.

Press the rotation icon to reload (next to "More")

Recommended to mark star if the mail is important

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How to compose?

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"To" to select which address you want to send. *tip: in Gmail, you can just put the name and suggestions will come out

Cc: Use it when you want to send the email to multiple people.

Bcc: Same purpose as Cc, but the receiver will not be able to see who are other people you are sending to.

Write a subject and in the content, you are able to click A to choose the word options such as font, size, highlight and bullet point. All options are the same as Google Docs.

Next to it, you can attach any file as long as it does not exceed 25MB.

On the other hand, if you attach a file from Google Drive (the icon next to it), you are able to send a file more than 25 MB (recommended)

You can just drop a picture and send it instead of attach a file (next icon)

You can put a hyperlink and emoji (emotion words)

How to organise mails?

How to find an email?

Other accessible tools